How To Manage Fine, Frizzy Hair (And Why It's Happening)

Frizz is an equal opportunist offender - that is, pretty much no one is 100% immune given the right set of circumstances. Hair is porous, and just like a sponge it will swell with excess water and will shrivel and crunch when too dry. When battling such stressors, it's always best to aim for the perfect PH and damage balance, so that you can attain the style you want without all the pesky frizzles.

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How To Extend Time Between Hair Salon Visits

Let's be honest: anybody heavily attached to their hair generally has a healthy, beautiful relationship with their hair stylist. It requires a great deal of faith and fondness to entrust your whole head to another human being. After all, you're spending what will surely add up to countless hours with this hair magician! As much as you want to spend time with your favorite person on the planet, it's in everyone's best interest if you can find ways to prolong visits as much as possible. Not only will you make their job easier, but the health of your hair will likely improve on top of you saving a few more bucks. Here's how to make it happen.

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Got Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes? Try These Tricks.

With Daylight Savings around the corner, it's time to address the evil foe of a change in sleep schedule: dark under-eye circles. It happens to the best of us: maybe you've spent time covering all evidence of an unnecessarily long night, or maybe you got the best eight hours of uninterrupted sleep that you've had in months. You're feeling relatively bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. All of a sudden, someone close to you—a colleague, a classmate, your boss, your mother—blurts out, with all the best intentions (and probably too loudly), "Oh man, you look so tired." Ouch.

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10 Ways To Combat (And Make The Most Of) Oily Skin

Everyone's body is meant to produce oil, and for good reason - it keeps our skin naturally moisturized. Unfortunately, for some of us, that oil production can go overboard and leave us with an unwanted shiny look (especially when mixed with makeup - yikes). The good news is that managing oily skin is way easier than you think; it just requires a little research and experimentation to see what works best specifically for you. Any one of these tricks is guaranteed to reduce your shine, but remember that it can also be a blessing when moderated. After all, those with oily skin look young the longest!

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Does Hollywood Portray Beauty Correctly?

Hollywood has been setting the bar for all sorts of standards since its creation in the early 20th century. Whether or not we're aware of it, it impacts the way we see how the world is running, what's considered popular, even what we're attracted to. The interesting part about film in the Hollywood industry is that as movies are released, it shows us what's considered socially acceptable in terms of trends, behaviors, interests - but in its own heavy hand of Social Darwinism, it tells us what is NOT acceptable, and what should be shunned from society.

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How NOT To Smell Like Chlorine After Swimming

Anyone who's cared to take a dip in the deep end knows that lingering chlorine smell. If you're not swimming very much, the smell can be easy to rinse off. But let's be real: it's summertime, which means going to the pool is not a "once in a while" ordeal. Unfortunately, this means that lingering smell can be a lot more permanent if you're not careful. Taken straight from the beauty buffs on the swim team, here are 6 tips on how to NOT smell like chlorine after swimming (and smell rather pretty, might I add). 
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How To Maintain Your Beauty Routine In the Dorms


Congratulations, you big-brained beauty - you're starting your first year in the dorms! An exciting, opportunistic period of your life is about to begin. For many of you, it means straying a little bit from home to embark out into the world on your own. While it's nothing short of a thrill, there are bound to be some flopped tummies at the thought of exiting their comfort zone. For those particularly attached to their routine, take heart knowing it's still possible to keep it going - though, changes are certainly needed in order to make those habits sustainable. Here are the top tips from former college students on how to maintain your beauty routine while living in the dorms.
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Got Beauty Staff Summer Styling Essentials

Our Got Beauty Girl's know BEST! That's exactly why we asked our staff what their favorite products  are this summer season. We have something for everyone, no matter what your beauty needs are. Check out what products are peaking our interest at GB this summer!

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How To Prevent and Treat Ingrown Bikini Hairs


Ingrown bikini hairs from waxing or shaving might just be one of the most uncomfortable and unsightly beach woes known to bikini babes. At their best, they're slightly annoying…and at their worst, they're downright painful. If ingrown hairs by your bikini line are something that have been creating a doom cloud over your summer, you’ll be pleased to know that they are neither forever nor unfixable. If, it just so happens that this doesn’t apply to you (yet), take our advice – nip it in the bud before it does.

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Here's Why We Love Rosebud Woman For Feminine Self Care


As women, many of us are natural caregivers, exuding love and energy to those that surround us. Be honest for a sec: when was the last time you took time to honor yourself through a little self care? For many, it can begin on the outside - but the benefits can be way more than skin deep. Feeling good on the outside and caring for the health and beauty of our natural bodies means we are able to love those around us more genuinely. Bath bombs and soaks are all the rage, but sometimes you need something a little more intimate...which brings us to the luscious feminine skincare line, Rosebud Woman.

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