Our favorite cleansing oils, and why we love them.

Does using an oil to remove excess oil and debris from your face sound strange? That’s understandable. Far from a traditional foamy face wash, which use harsh detergents to cleanse the skin, cleansing facial oils are formulated with nourishing oils to melt away makeup, debris, excess sebum, and pollution left behind from the day. Don’t get us wrong—there’s nothing like a deep, sudsy cleanse every now and then. That being said, using a cleanser that strips too much sebum day after day will throw off your skin’s hydration—and interestly, can even lead to overproduction of oil. 

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What’s The Best CBD Product For Your Hair?

CBD can be found in all sorts of products—from serums and creams to balms and sprays. Most commonly used to provide relief to stressed-out skin and muscles, CBD is becoming increasingly popular. Is it any wonder that CBD is now finding its way into haircare? We think not!

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What Are Crow's Feet, And How Can I Treat Them?

Crow’s feet are almost like an archive of our life experiences: these creases beneath the eyes document not only our time spent having fun in the sun, but also our facial expressions—ranging from squinting, to smiling, to wide-eyed surprise. Though crow’s feet show personality through expression and are signs of years spent smiling, these lines around the eyes can be frustrating, making them one of the most common skin concerns. Treating crow’s feet sometimes feels like an uphill battle. We’re here to share tips from our pros and our all-time favorite treatment for crow’s feet.

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Is My Hair Dry, Damaged, or Over-proteinized, and What Are the Causes?

Have you ever noticed that dry, damaged, and over-proteinized hair can often look the same? ’Cause we have. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, or over-proteinized, trying to tell the difference on your own can be tough. Don’t stress, beauty, once you recognize how to diagnose your hair concern, it becomes so much easier to treat the actual cause.

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How I Deal With Hyperpigmentation on my Darker Skin

Since before I can remember, hyperpigmentation has controlled too much of my self-esteem; I've got a big, dark line smack in the middle of my forehead, odd marks on my face from sun exposure, and dramatic scarring from the smallest of nicks. As a Master Esthetician, there is guilt associated with each of these marks: could I have prevented them? Should I have tried harder to treat them before this point?

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How To Get Rid Of Mascne

2020, what a year it has been. Flashback to a mere few months ago: many of us didn't even know where we would be able to get a hold of a quality machine-washable mask. Fortunately, most of us have access to masks now that society is opening back up (A HUGE thanks to our boss babe who rallied to get masks for us at our flagship boutique and salon). With this new introduction of mask usage comes its own brand of irritants: mascne, for instance. We're already stressed enough...a breakout is the last thing we want to worry about!

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What Happens To Your Hair As It Ages (And How To Show It Love)

As we age, changes in our hair can feel distressing; suddenly, your go-to hair products aren’t performing like they used to. Coarse and unruly greys are springing up like never before. You might even notice less hair density.

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Need A Pedi? Here's How To Make Your Feet Baby Soft At Home

Have you ever noticed that you seem to need more pedicures in the summer than the winter? Like your nails just can’t stay polished to save your life?

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Scared of Chemical Exfoliants? Here's Everything You Need To Know

The words "chemical exfoliant" can be a little daunting to people, and often downright scary. After all, the thought of our skin peeling off resembles a scene from a horror movie more than it does the beauty influencers on our Instagram.

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How To Treat Acne During Quaran-time

You know what makes being stuck at home even more cringe-worthy? A new breakout on top of all your million other problems you're currently dealing with.

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