10 Delicious Gifts For Foodies (That Make You Go 'Yum')


No matter how you celebrate or how you slice it, there is one constant during the holiday season, and that is food. So much of our revelry and fellowship hinges on sumptuous spreads, home-cooked feasts and decadent bakes. Holiday meals are a culmination of our various cultural traditions and are made with the intent to share. To bestow proper thanks to your host or hostess this holiday season, consider one of these delicious gifts for foodies of all kinds.



Food Fortunes

The age-old debate of "What's for dinner?" can now be resolved with the art of tarot. Who knew? A deck of 78 beautifully illustrated cards with accompanying instruction booklet will light a fire under your dinner destiny and cater to a variety of palates.


Stamped Serving Spoon & Fork Set

For family and friends with a staunch vintage sensibility, this humorous twist on a classic dining accoutrement provides as much function as form to any tabletop or buffet with playfully contrasting stamped sentiments that will conjure conversation and carousal.

Foodie Bandages

Obviously you should always employ safe chopping practices, but slips happen, even to the pros. For minor cuts, scrapes and nicks, Foodie Bandages not only cover and protect, but their images of various masochistic cartoon fruits, vegetables and meats will delight even the most temperamental chef in the heat of the moment.

Whale-Shaped Butter Dish

Call me Ishmael! This appropriately aqua-blue stoneware whale is a perfectly whimsical addition to any marine motif and will keep mealtimes—and conversation—afloat.

Eat What You Want Box Sign

There is a season for exercising restraint and making healthy choices, but this decorative wooden block sign spells out dietary carte blanche in black and white, casting away stones in the name of que sera sera.


Mac & Cheese Greeting Card

There are few things in life that can't be improved with the addition of cheese—or the complete immersion of oneself in it. An expertly collaged collision of graphic styles depicts a diver perched on the brink of a cheesy plunge and pairs well with a nice, dry rosé.

Fucking Delicious Oven Mitt

Every dough puncher, hash slinger and sous chef deserves a pat on the back, but before that, they require proper protective gear. This super-insulated oven mitt both sends a positive message about the culinary outcome and shields his or her patties from blistering heat.

Banana Salt & Pepper Shakers

There isn't much cuter than miniature likenesses of everyday objects, especially food. Maybe that's why this yellow banana salt and pepper shaker set tickles us pink.

Icy Pop Bath Sponge

Access those hard-to-reach posterior places while satisfying a subliminal sweet tooth. Fun for bath time or beach time, and—we're gonna go out on a limb here—maybe even a good way to get into the spirit of dishwashing!


Pink Frosted Donut Pool Float

Winter is coming, but it won't last forever. Now's not too soon to start prepping for your pool parties of next summer, and with the supplement of this behemoth pastry, it's all sunshine and sprinkles from here.


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