10 Salon Etiquette Tips For The Next Time You Get Your Hair Done

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A trip to the salon is hardly an experience that one should treat casually or without much forethought - because really, if you’re in a salon, the odds are probably pretty high that you care about your hair. The good news is that stylists care just as much (if not more) about getting you the 'do you really want. Unfortunately, certain circumstances or habits can infringe on a stylist’s ability to produce their best work - and a few of these are occasionally unconsciously made by people who simply don’t know hair salon etiquette. And guess what? That's okay, because we’re telling you about proper salon etiquette now. Next time, we're certain there will be absolutely nothing standing between you and the hair of your dreams.


Come to the salon with clean hair.

There is a common misconception that it’s better to go to the salon with dirty hair…this is the opposite of true. The color has more resistance now to try to break through making it less likely to work its best, particularly working with semi-permanent color that has no ammonia. Fresh hair is the best for the color to take better, plus it’s more pleasant for the hairdresser. Try a decent clarifying shampoo before coming in so there's as little buildup as possible to prevent color absorption.


Please no entourage…kids included.

While it may be fun to have your crew or more convenient for your kids to come with you, it’s actually HUGELY distracting and stressful for the stylist. There’s just not generally a ton of room in a salon, and it will be way easier for your hairdresser to focus if it’s a little less noisy. After all, you don’t really want the person with the scissors getting distracted, do you...?


Try not to move your head around during your service.

It’s awesome to try and carry on a conversation with the stylist, but it’s way easier for everyone involved if you just use the mirror if you require eye contact. Chances are that if you are trying to turn your head fairly often, it could mess up the cut or color.


Remember to remove your glasses or earrings before your service.

Unfortunately, wearing glasses does make it more difficult to do everything that a stylist needs to do. Have faith in your stylist and communicate often if you’re worried - the stylist wants you to be happy!


Don’t wear a white shirt if you’re getting your hair colored.

No hairdresser wants to take any chances when it comes to your clothes, and neither should you! Wearing white to a hair color service is playing with fire - not even once.


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Be careful about the information you choose to share.

You’re considered highly fortunate if you happen to click with your stylist. While we’re all about buddying up, be wary of what you choose to say in a salon - there’s not always a ton of room between booths, and chances are pretty high that someone else can hear you.


DO have an idea of what you want.

One of the scariest phrases you can utter to a stylist is “Do whatever you want, I trust you.” The truth is that stylists can’t read your mind, and there really isn’t anyone who truly wouldn’t care what happens to their hair. Always come prepared with at least an idea of what you want - a picture is even better.


Don’t be afraid to communicate.

Even if you’re not a fan of confrontation, always always ALWAYS tell your stylist if there’s an aspect of your hair you’re unhappy with. We said it before and we’ll say it again - they WANT you to be happy. There’s no way they can fix it if they don’t know you want something changed.


Try to avoid trashing your last hairdresser.

While it IS helpful to say what didn’t work out with your hair during a previous experience, it's hugely stressful out when clients bash their previous stylists. It adds a huge amount of pressure, as well as negativity to what is supposed to be a very positive environment for everyone.


Avoid talking on your phone.

If it’s an emergency, obviously take the phone call - but having your phone next to your ear makes it incredibly difficult for the stylist to work around. Plus, it's a little rude.

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