13 Uses For Dry Shampoo You Didn't Know Existed


We are already in love with dry shampoo, and why wouldn't we be? The less we have to wash and style our hair, the better. What many people don't know is that its uses go above and beyond what's expected, some of them not even including hair styles. If you already know which dry shampoo is right for you, here are 13 ways to make the most of it. And to think, we were convinced we couldn't love it any more.

It keeps curls from clumping together.
It can be frustrating when your head of fresh new curls start meshing together and ultimately coming undone. To keep this from happening, spritz in some dry shampoo right after you're done curling to add some matte texture to your hair, preventing your natural oils to let curls intertwine.

It’s an instant volumizer.
If you want just a little extra volume for your current style, it’s the easiest fix there is. Flip that do upside down and spray at the roots to give your hair instant oomph. If you spray in a bit at the ends while your hair is 15% damp after a shower, it will create a layer on the strands that will make them appear to be thicker.

It can absorb odor on objects other than hair.
Maybe your sneakers have developed a bit of a smell from your new workout regimen – no problem. If you use one of the scented dry shampoos, it will clean up that smell faster than you can say “ew”.

It adds extra grip to your bobby pins.
The matte texture created by dry shampoo allows bobby pins to stay right where we want them. Since the style tends to hold a little better, you also need less pins to keep everything in tact. Win.

It gives your hair the perfect subtle hold.
We’ve all had that bad hair day where we use too much hairspray and we create a giant hair helmet. This effect is uncommon with dry shampoo – you can achieve the hold you want with more flexibility and control.

It keeps bangs from sticking to your forehead.
Humid weather can be fatal to bangs if left unstyled. The good news is that whatever you decide to do to your bangs can be preserved with a quick spritz of dry shampoo underneath – it will keep them from sticking to any sweat or humidity on your forehead (phew).

It will let you completely change your style between washes.
This could mean going from a sleek look to a beach wavy look, or even switching your part from one side to the other without any cowlicks. The options are endless.

It can be used to get rid of sweaty palms for activities like yoga or rock climbing.
Yogis love it! Odds are if you’re a rock climber, you probably use chalk already. However, if you’re in the middle of a yoga pose and your hand starts to slip, you’re much more likely to have dry shampoo in your gym bag.

It will help hide your roots between salon visits.
There are all sorts of dry shampoos for all sorts of hair color. White hair powder is blonde friendly, whereas more darkly-tinted dry shampoo is better for brunettes and black-haired beauties (although regular white dry shampoo will still work for dark hair).

On that note, it can temporarily tint your hair.
If you’ve got lighter hair and feel like being pink for a day, guess what? You totally can. It will wash right out when you’re done, so it’s 100% commitment free.

It can plump up and add definition to your brows.
If you use a dry shampoo with a slight tint to it, you can add more definition to your brows. Just be careful not to overdo it, a little goes a long way.

It can reverse the effects of excess shine spray, hair oil or hairspray.
Sometimes we overdo it. Have no fear – dry shampoo will soak up that unwanted sheen that makes clean hair look greasy.

It can be used overnight to give your hair instant morning volume.
If you already know you want big hair in the morning, spray in your dry shampoo and then either loosely wrap it into a bun or braid it. When you wake up, you’ll have instant volume and texture.

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