6 Tips For Surviving The Holidays Like A Superhero


This week on Talk Beauty, we highlight SLC local life coach extraordinaire and founder of The Lies I Tell Myself Project, Victoria Wynn, and discuss her top notch methods for getting through the holidays in one piece (and even with a few laughs).

As a mother of 5 and the heartbeat behind a growing business, I can honestly say, I have been the poster child for "how to stress out and forget the meaning of the holidays in 20 seconds flat". Back when I thought I needed to make everything from scratch, give each neighbor cookies, every kid's teacher a gift and at least one Kardashian-esque event at my home. Those days are long gone and my children, friends and I are more connected than ever. I've figured out a few things in the school of life including a steady practice of eliminating drama. I thought I'd share a few of my secrets to a peaceful (and fun) holiday season:

1. Choose your battles.
Do you really need to recreate grandma's 5-day 80 bean 
casserole from the pioneer days? Sometimes picking up certain foods from your favorite market or restaurant can be your key to calm that day. Choose a few items that you really love to cook or bake and stick with those. Let the chefs figure out the rest. 

2. Ask "How can I make this fun?"
This is a mindset shift that when used daily can make all the difference. Fun and stress don't live in the same world. Choose fun. Find the humor in your holiday antics. Photograph the pumpkin in the blender explosion or your toddler who's adorned their behind with bows.  It also makes for great stand up comedy material if you ever choose that career path.  

3. A habit that will hopefully stick year round.
Gratitude each morning. Before I jump to social media clicks and quick witted texting replies I take a few moments to count my blessings in the morning. I always notice by the flow and ease of my day if I've remembered that simple habit. 

4. Put the kids to work in the name of holiday cheer.
You know those tasks that anyone can do but for some reason you choose to! Yeah...have your kids help with them! If you make it sound fun, and not like child labor, they'll gladly help. And before you know it you've got jobs done and bonding with the kiddos (or partner!)

5. Simple organization.
Keep an ongoing list of what you bought and where you hid it or you'll be in forever chaos.  Welcome to the first 5 years of my life with kids. Forgetting what I bought year round and what amazingly "great" place I hid the gift in. Keep an ongoing list (I do mine in email so its hidden) with columns for each person, what you got (or made) them and where its hidden. There is peace in organization!

6. Jiggle what wiggles.
Self care and exercise is vital to coping.  Squeeze in 3- 4 days a week of exercise, particularly if it gets you sweating (I like to call it "glistening"). Mine as well get those free and natural endorphines working on your side this holiday season! And maybe go really wild and treat yourself to services at your favorite spa.

At the end of the day, when friends and family are in their holiday comas tucked away in your guest bedroom or on your new couch, what will they remember and what do you want them to remember? I want mine to remember a fun loving, engaging and present mom, friend and daughter. My lipstick barely smudges when I implement these 6 simple action items and mindset shifts. Practice 2 of these this week to get you started!

*Stay tuned to Talk Beauty for more from local Wonder Woman Victoria Wynn.

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