7 Tips For Hiding Red Eyes and Noses During Allergy Season


As the sunshine revives the world from the dreariness of winter, so does it bring the inevitable onslaught of allergy season. Not only is it practically indiscernible from the common cold - it gives you a perpetual appearance of having just finished a good bawl. For those of us trying to enjoy the friendlier weather, this is a major downer, especially when trying to look our best. When Claritin and Benadryl aren’t doing the trick, the best thing to do is fake it until you make it; that being said, here are the best tips for hiding red eyes and nose during allergy season.


Cover all your bases with a good foundation.

A solid, full-coverage foundation is going to be helpful, and it’s something you may or may not already be wearing on a daily basis. For days when you’re worse for wear, a heavier liquid base can take you up a notch in 0 to 60.

Stay calm with calming products.

Calming products are your number one ally when soothing red, puffy skin. Dermalogica has a stellar Ultracalming line geared specifically towards sensitized skin, with the Barrier Repair standing at the forefront. Just a small dab of this waterless gel will soothe and aid in the healing process of damaged skin.

Chill out a bit with a cold compress.

Oftentimes, allergies can make your face appear not only red, but puffier than usual. A cold compress can usually do the trick, as well as a warm green tea bag (the caffeine is what helps here). If that still isn’t working, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and watching your salt intake.

Under where? Under-eye concealer!

If you don’t want to commit to a full face of makeup and would rather just cover up the bare necessities, an under-eye concealer is a great alternative. It works great for evening out the skin tone in specific areas, and can even be used under your nose, as well!

Color your life (and blotches) with corrective powder.

Color corrective powder kits are another fantastic option, because they usually come with an array of colors for arrays of coverup needs. Yellow and green are going to be your #1 ally in counteracting any redness, so feel free to employ heavy use of these.

Soothe inflamed skin with a good mask.

Eminence is another fantastic option for calming your skin - they even have a whole selection of products dedicated to it. The Calm Skin Arnica Booster Serum is designed to help reduce the appearance of redness and irritation while stimulating blood circulation to the skin, and the mask can be used in the evening before bed to even out the skin tone while combating ruddiness.

Believe in miracles. 

Last and far from least, we recommend the Miracle Oil from Earthly Body for any skin agitation of any kind. You may have heard us rave about it before, but seriously, this stuff really does work miracles with TONS of skin ailments: bug bites, windburn, acne, scabs, and yes, red, irritated, allergy-ridden skin.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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