7 Questions You Should ALWAYS Ask Your Hair Stylist


We all want to believe that stylists instinctively know what we want our hair to look like - that they tap into their mystical psychic powers to read our minds and give us perfect unicorn hair. Unfortunately, ESP is not something they teach in hair school yet, and it’s absolutely imperative that you resort to good ole communication if you have specific ideas of how you want your ‘do to look. While certain phrases like “I want a blonde to brown ombre” might sound straightforward, there are actually several followup questions that come into play: for instance, do you want blonde on top or brown on top? Do you want to bleach your hair to add more blonde? What shade of brown do you want? The next time you visit your go-to girl (or guy) at the salon, we suggest being prepared so you’re provided with the best possible service of exactly what you’re looking for. Not sure what to ask for? Here are 7 questions you should ALWAYS ask your hair stylist.

1. How is my overall hair and scalp health?

Above all else, this should be your primary concern. It will be the foundation question on which to ask all other questions - such as, is your hair healthy enough to get that blonde you're going for? Is your scalp in need of more hydration? What sort of shampoo and conditioner are going to help with your current condition?

2. How can we customize my haircut to best suit my face shape?

If you spot your favorite celebrity or your bestie sporting a haircut you're totally in love with, it does NOT mean it will look the same way on you. For instance, if you have a heart shaped face (wider forehead and narrow chin), you probably oughta stay away from blunt bobs and super-short styles. Ask your stylist what your face shape is if you're unsure and which cuts are going to complement you best.

3. Which shades look best with my eye color and skin tone?

Just to add a little bit of fun, your stylist may be able to narrow down the color you're looking for by picking something that makes your eyes pop and your skin glow. If you've got dark brown eyes, you're going to look radiant with warm chestnut tones, just as someone with light warm brown eyes are going to rock beige, caramel tones.


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4. What are the best products for my specific hair (shampoo, conditioner, etc.)?

This leads back to our question about the quality of your hair health. If you're experiencing significant dryness, your stylist might recommend a conditioner with more moisture. If your hair is damaged from a bleach, they may recommend a deep conditioning, restorative S+C combo. They may recommend you use a clarifying shampoo once every week to allow other products to penetrate the hair shaft more easily (making them more effective).

5. Should I be doing any at-home treatments?

If your hair is really in need of some TLC, this is an important question to ask - in fact, if you want to take extra good care of your strands, this is an important question to ask regardless. This can apply to thinning hair, dry scalp, dandruff - basically, there's a treatment for everything.

6. Which products and styling tools will I need to obtain the stye you've given me?

If your stylist just gave you babe-a-licious beach waves and your hair doesn't normally curl that way, odds are there is a product your stylist can recommend that will duplicate that look. Make sure to ask if you need a round brush, diffuser, curling iron, etc. (and don't forget about heat protectants!).

7. When should I book my next appointment to maintain this shape/style?

Finally, if you've got oodles of layers or will be needing a root retouch sooner rather than later, make sure you check with your stylist to get back in so that your hair maintains perfection seamlessly between appointments.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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