And Our Momshell Winner Is....


We've reached the end of our month of Momshells, which means it's time to announce our Mother's Day Sweepstakes $500 Spa and Gift Package winner! We were blown away by all of the heartfelt and beautiful Momshell submissions we received, and believe us when we say it was no easy feat attempting to decide on just one inspirational and astonishing mama. Thank you so much to all the lovely people who took the time to tell us about their moms who rock, we hope you'll decide to enter again next year! 

We are very pleased to announce that our winner is none other than Elyse Chamberlain, who was submitted by her sister Maren Rilloraza! The Got Beauty Girls were absolutely touched and inspired by Maren's description of Elyse and her example of strength, resilience and pure love.

"Elyse Chamberlain is an amazing mother and an incredible woman. My sister has a beautiful 7-year-old daughter whom she cherishes, but due to medical issues, she and her husband have been unable to have more children despite multiple interventions. Despite this emotional hardship, she selflessly steps in to help me with my son in countless ways. My husband is a US Army officer stationed in Georgia, and I am an Army nurse stationed in North Carolina. Being a geographically single mother makes it difficult to care for our 18 month old. My sister is my life support and despite the heartbreaking daily reminder that having an infant in her home brings, she cares for my son as if he was her own. My sister’s selfless acts of caring have created changes in my life that I will never be able to repay."
-Maren Rilloraza

Congratulations on being our Momshell of the year,'ve earned it!


Because we want to leave no Momshell unrecognized, here's a selection of some of our favorite entries (and these are just the tip of the iceberg, as there were SO many submissions):

Submitted by Ulekeya Trawally

"I nominate my mom Zeynab Keita, because without her, my 6 siblings and I wouldn't be here in America! There was a war in Ivory Coast in Africa and my mom did everything to bring us here (and her mom, too). She is a single mom because my dad is in Africa and she has had to work in Walmart for the past six years! My mom doesn't let anything get in her way and that's why she is my momshell! She deserves everything that comes her way and I promise when I grow up, I will do everything my power to repay her for everything she had done for my siblings and I! I love you mama!!"

Submitted by Moriah Tuiaki

"My "Momshell" is truly amazing. She is the definition of selflessness! After having five children of her own, she decided she wanted to help kids in need by becoming a foster parent. She has since fostered and cared for many children who needed love and stability in their lives. She has adopted one foster girl (my lil sis), who is 5 years old, and is in the process of adopting another little angel who is just over a year old. She loves them as her own. She continually puts all of us before herself even though most of us are full grown adults! She is the for sure the glue of our family that keeps us all together! She couldn't be more deserving of this pampering reward, and I couldn't be more blessed than to call her my mom."

Submitted by Sarah Yates

"My Mom is the definition of a Momshell! She spends her mornings training little baby racehorses and then heads off to play competitive tennis. She spent her early years raising 3 kids (there was nothing more important to her) all while continuing to train race horses. She can build furniture, ride a horse, plumb a bathroom, landscape a rock wall, cook a great dinner, sew a baby blanket or two, play tennis and look great doing it! She is one impressive Momshell!"

Submitted by Gabrielle Warnars

"I nominate... Me! I spent my entire life feeling like the ugly duckling, inside and out. And now, after having left an abusive marriage, and raising 4 amazing kids on my own, I'm starting to see myself I'm a whole new light! I'm smarter than I ever thought, more capable than I ever thought, and yes, more beautiful than I ever thought. Learning to love myself for the first time in my life has left me more radiant than I could ever imagine!"

Submitted by Melissa Taylor

"I would like to nominate my mother Dawn Aaron. She is the epitome of what a wonderful momshell is. When I was growing up she worked full time, was always involved in her community and church but still made time to be there for her 4 children whenever we needed her. When I talk to her I feel like she is in my corner, willing to do whatever it takes to help me feel like I am THE most important person at that moment. She wants everyone she is around to feel happy and loved. She is beautiful, witty, smart, warm and caring and has the best laugh you'd ever hear. I love you Mommy!"

Submitted by Summer Johnson

"Kelly Johnson. She is INCREDIBLE! Raising a three year old autistic son by yourself is not easy and she did it while putting herself through Grad school AND starting her own business, which gives back to Autism Speaks. Her all natural baby massage lotion, Parker Time Potions, encourages pediatric massage and bonding with your young ones. She is so selfless and caring and one of the most giving, nurturing and aware mothers I know."

Submitted by Christy Hubbard

"I have 3 beautiful mothers in my life, but only one is able to do the spa day. So I nominate Lorii Hubbard, my amazing MIL. She is a marvelous human being. She is one of the most selfless women I know. She is always taking care of her kids, always worrying, praying, and being there for them. She helps them in any possible way she can, and is an inspiration to all who know her in her job and personal life. She is a rock, and I am beyond grateful to have her in my life."

Submitted by Aponi Rasmussen

"I'm Aponi Rasmusen and I'm a Momshell! In 2013, I found out I would become the mother of twin boys. Best surprise of my life! Becoming a new mom has been a miraculous adventure. My little family has come such a long way, and our boys are now about to celebrate their first birthday. About two months before the twins came, I was put on full bed rest! Not the easiest experience, but I stayed positive and made the most of it. I did "Couch Yoga" and found ways to laugh and connect with my babies. We rocked out to many Katy Perry songs during those rough times. I must say shaving your legs while pregnant with twins should be an Olympic Event! Our little boys were born safely, but really early! I celebrated my first Mother’s Day with two babies in NICU. These little men are truly little miracles."


Submitted by Christiana Manville

"I nominate Susan Manville. Susan works for Criminal Justice Service and also works 2 part time jobs at non-profit residential substance abuse treatment centers. She is a hard working mother who works 80 hours a week and still finds time to take care and spoil her 21-year-old daughter. I think it's time to give this hard working mother a chance to rest and relax!"

Submitted by Martina Platte

"My mom, Margarethe Thomas is a Momshell. She is an all around spectacular human being. She came to the United States from Germany as a teenager by herself, and came to Utah to attend college where joined an already large family, and raised two kids of her own. Teaching us all how to be strong, independent, loving, and altruistic people. She's a Momshell in more ways than can be expressed in 150 words. She is full of style and feminine grace, finesse, and an incredibly kind and strong person. She opens her home with love to any person who needs help, and has taught many others to follow in her footsteps. She makes sacrifices every day, and spreads warmth and kindness to all who she graces with her presence. My mother, Margarethe Thomas is a bonafide Momshell."

Submitted by Channing McCabe

"My Momshell is the one and only Kathy McCabe. Not only does she rock some fierce heels all the time, she is literally the ROCK in our family. She is full of energy, full of life, and most importantly full of LOVE. She deserves the best in life and I know she can get that at the one and only Got Beauty!"

Submitted by Eden Wolfgramm

"I nominate my lovely ma, Kim! She is the most inspiring and strongest woman I've ever known. She is a 3-time cancer survivor and still living a strong and full life! She is the only person I've met who can truly be happy putting everyone's needs and wants before her own. For once I'd like to give her an opportunity to take a day to think about herself. She deserves it!"

Submitted by Shenelle Tsosie

"My Momshell is my grandma. We call her Grandma Noodles. When my brothers and I were young, she took us in and raised us. She is the sweetest coolest grandma anyone could ask for. She sacrificed so much for us and gave us the world. She’s hip, funny and tech savvy as well. For the longest time she always had more friends on FB than I did! She said it was cause she’s been around longer and met more people. I love my Momshell and without her love and kindness I wouldn’t be who i am today."

Submitted by Allison Frost

"My mother is an incredible example of strength for me. She went to law school at 39, after a rough divorce and with 2 teenagers. She has been our constant support while also teaching us to be accountable for our mistakes. She became the researcher and baker of all things gluten free when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She has always my rock (and my brother’s), but even more so during the tragic, unexpected passing of my father. Though they'd been divorced over two decades, and she was married at the time of his passing, she stepped in to be the most incredible support for my brother, and me emotionally and financially. The aftermath was contentious and heartbreaking. Without my mom to calm us down, lift us up, or just love us unconditionally, I simply do not know how we would have made it through."

Submitted by Britta Nystul

"I nominate my mother Jill Nystul, because I believe she embodies everything it means to be a Momshell. Around 6 years ago she entered an inpatient rehab facility for alcohol addiction. Upon "graduating," she was advised by her counselors to find her passion in life. She found it shortly thereafter, in the form of her blog "One Good Thing by Jillee." My mom's blog has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years, and currently receives around 4 million pageviews each month. In 6 short years, my mom went from an addict to CEO her own company. My mom is my role model! She is an example of what is possible if you're passionate and willing to work your tail off. She is stubborn, strong-willed, and determined, but she is also silly, kind, thoughtful, and generous beyond belief. She doesn’t ask to be recognized, but she certainly deserves to be!"

Submitted by Laurie Bray

"My Mama who is no longer on the planet. She loved makeup and her hair was always perfect. She was drop dead gorgeous. When I was in 8th grade she told me it was time that I wore makeup. It rained the first day I wore mascara to school, not a pretty site. Even through her 3 years of chemo, she never left the house without doing her hair and makeup. It was remarkable, but part of her statement to the world of her strength and grace. I would love to share a photo of Maureen Barr."

Submitted by Aspen McKenna

"My beautiful best friend Jana Dubois is such an amazing woman - she is a stunning lifestyle model, a mom to the 2 cutest children on the planet and simply the most caring person I've ever met. Not only does she balance work, life, family and friends she will drop everything in a heartbeat to be at your side if you need her. When I got sick the first time she camped out on my couch for two days to take care of me - we laughed and cried and I've never been happier sick in my life. She is definitely the best Momshell I know. She does all of this while dealing with her own health problems - there simply isn't a more loyal, beautiful or caring woman in my life."

Submitted by Dionne Holmes

"I want to nominate by daughter Brittney. This will be her very first Mother's Day. She is a new mom to a beautiful baby boy. She has had a very challenging year struggling with her health and financial hurdles and has managed to stay positive and take care of everyone around her. She is a beautiful young mother with a full time job and a 5-month-old boy. Needless to say a spa day would be just what the doctor ordered.

Submitted by Hanna Hard

"I nominate my mother. My soccer coaching, bike riding, sun-exposed, school-teaching, in need of a spa-treatment mother. She sacrifices everything for my sister and I, and its time she was treated herself. She is 100% my momshell and I love her more than anything."

Submitted by Rachel McAffee

"My Momshell is an incredibly strong, generous and beautiful woman. She is my Stepmother, Lisa. I am in constant awe of her strength and grace as she has had to face incredible tragedies. Her elegance is not just fashion but a way of moving, loving and being compassionate towards others. As a part of the Board of Directors of NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) she has lifted up, inspired and helped so many people around her. It is said we walk among angels, she makes that a fact."

Submitted by Marisa Perez

"I nominate my sister because she is such an amazing mother and role mode! She had my niece before she graduated from highschool and changed completely becoming one of the best moms I know. My niece is the happiest child, she is a straight A student is an amazing dancer and is becoming such a confident young lady! Our mother passed away when we were very young and my sister became the most amazing role model I could have. She taught me to be a woman and I hope to one day be as an amazing mother as she is! She is a single mom, works hard everyday, sacrifices herself and always puts her daughter and us first! Love you sissy!!!"

Submitted by Jaime Kaneshiro

"My mom is an amazing woman! She works full time, runs her own business on the side, and still finds time to do things for those around her. One particularly awesome thing she does is an Annual Easter Egg Hunt. She has done this for 28 years. She fills over 3000 eggs, bakes treats, and even has a prize center for kids and adults. All of this comes out of her own pocket and she does it simply to put a smile on other people's faces. She is an amazing selfless woman and deserves a day of pampering!"

Submitted by Kaycee Nipper

"My mother is my best friend and the rock that holds our family so closely together. She always puts everyone else before herself in any situation; she wants others to be happy in order to be happy herself. I have countless childhood memories with my siblings and mother by my side and I wouldn't change anything about my mom. She is always there for me when I need her, and I can always count on her love and support to guide me through adulthood. What makes my mother unique is she is constantly laughing and having fun no matter what the situation is. If you had never met my mom before you would think she was my sister, she can easily connect with me and my friends. My friends even ask me constantly when I'm going to invite them over to hangout with my mother again. My mother has such a grace about her and she is so compassionate about her family, I find myself saying I am so lucky to have the mother that I have."


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