Refresh and Rehydrate Dry Hair With These Great Tips

Shampooing your hair way too often can actually dry out your hair!

If you are washing your hair every day, you are likely losing the oils that keep it shiny and smooth. While everyone's hair type is different, a better time shampoo schedule is every two to four days (more often if you have finer hair or work out regularly). Worried about sweaty folicles? If you are a gym buff, try to schedule your wash times around your workouts.

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Bumble & Bumble Tips: How to Get Those Loose Sexy Waves

In this Bumble and Bumble video, Gabriella shows you how to blow dry your own hair for loose sexy waves.

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Argh! How to Fix Your Brassy Hair Color

When your hair color takes a turn toward the yellow or penny-hued side – and that is NOT the look you were going for – it CAN be fixed!

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