Meet The Pros: 3 Got Beauty Girls Share Their Beauty Favorites

Over the years, Got Beauty has been fortunate enough to be associated with a myriad of remarkable and outstanding men and women. Each and every one has contributed their own extraordinary rendition of beauty to the experience of our customers while exuding the utmost professionalism, care, and consideration. Today, we recognize the time and work of three of these employees who are celebrating their Got Beauty anniversaries this month. Each of these fabulous women are gifted with a plethora of skill, knowledge and experience in the beauty of industry, so we've asked them to share their absolute favorite products with us! Happy anniversary, ladies, here's to another year!

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How To Use The Best Dry Shampoo For YOUR Hair

Every beauty enthusiast I know is busy beyond belief. I can guarantee that even the busiest beauty buff still does their darndest to keep their hair in tip-top shape. On shower days, many of us easily spend at least an hour on washing, blow-drying, and styling, often sacrificing time that could be spent on other important daily tasks.

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Meet the Blogger: Apryl of Remarkable Jane Talks Going "Green" for St. Patty's

Beauty practices and products are quickly becoming more eco-friendly than ever before. Companies are making it easy-peasy for us to go green by using fewer preservatives and higher quality ingredients that don't irritate our sensitive selves, and don't pollute our waters. 

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How To Rock Bright Orange Lipstick


Orange you glad we didn't say banana? Unexpectedly, orange has turned out to be the perfect lipstick shade for a couple of reasons.

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