Here's Why We Love Rosebud Woman For Feminine Self Care


As women, many of us are natural caregivers, exuding love and energy to those that surround us. Be honest for a sec: when was the last time you took time to honor yourself through a little self care? For many, it can begin on the outside - but the benefits can be way more than skin deep. Feeling good on the outside and caring for the health and beauty of our natural bodies means we are able to love those around us more genuinely. Bath bombs and soaks are all the rage, but sometimes you need something a little more intimate...which brings us to the luscious feminine skincare line, Rosebud Woman.

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The Best Dry Shampoo For YOUR Specific Hair Needs

Let's talk for a second about how busy we all are and how hard it is do our own hair. On shower days, many of us easily spend at least an hour on washing, blow-drying, and styling, often sacrificing time that could be spent on other important daily tasks. Who has time for that every day? Seriously, point us out to that person, because we need to know their secret.

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What The Italians Taught Me About Beauty

The perks of visiting Italy are obvious - endless carbs, daily siestas, and incredibly rich history and art. But the beauty resides deeper in the culture than an outsider can even imagine. In fact, one could say that the culture is the embodiment of beauty itself. It’s almost as if they’re drunk off the stuff, relishing and finding it in almost everything they do and see. Here are some takeaways on what I learned about beauty from this luscious country - and how to see more beauty in my everyday life. 
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