10 Ways To Combat (And Make The Most Of) Oily Skin

Everyone's body is meant to produce oil, and for good reason - it keeps our skin naturally moisturized. Unfortunately, for some of us, that oil production can go overboard and leave us with an unwanted shiny look (especially when mixed with makeup - yikes). The good news is that managing oily skin is way easier than you think; it just requires a little research and experimentation to see what works best specifically for you. Any one of these tricks is guaranteed to reduce your shine, but remember that it can also be a blessing when moderated. After all, those with oily skin look young the longest!

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Does Hollywood Portray Beauty Correctly?

Hollywood has been setting the bar for all sorts of standards since its creation in the early 20th century. Whether or not we're aware of it, it impacts the way we see how the world is running, what's considered popular, even what we're attracted to. The interesting part about film in the Hollywood industry is that as movies are released, it shows us what's considered socially acceptable in terms of trends, behaviors, interests - but in its own heavy hand of Social Darwinism, it tells us what is NOT acceptable, and what should be shunned from society.

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