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Got Beauty Boss Tammy T. Talks 55 (AKA The Ultimate F Words)

 It’s double nickels for me this month. To be quite frank, while the ups are overwhelmingly in the lead, being “an older woman who looks good for her age” comes with its own set of downs.  (one of the downs?  Being called "an older woman who looks good for her age")

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What Are Your Nails Trying To Tell You?

Paying attention to your nails is pretty important, regardless of whether or not you're frequently getting manis and pedis. Without even knowing, your fingernails may be sending you signals from underneath your favorite red lacquer.Here is how to read the signs, and figure out what info your fingernails are sending your way.

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The Best Blush For YOUR Skintone - And How To Use It

A sweep of blush to your cheek is one of the fastest ways to make yourself look fresher and more alive; like a dab of lip gloss, it can instantly bring you from a tired appearance to a healthy glow. However, choosing the right cheek shade and picking the perfect texure can be trickier than it seems. Whether you go for a hint of peach, a dash of plum, or a pop of fresh neon pink, here are a few tips and tricks to help you pick the best blush for you, AND how to use it.

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Argh! How to Fix Your Brassy Hair Color

When your hair color takes a turn toward the yellow or penny-hued side – and that is NOT the look you were going for – it CAN be fixed!

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