Beyond Beauty: 6 Survival Essentials Every Galentine Needs In Her Bag


Happy Galentine's Day, beauties! It's finally arrived: that internationally celebrated day of love and suspect chocolates. We talk a lot around this time of year about treating yourself and your besties to custom-curated beauty must-haves, and today is no exception, but we're serving it to you straight up with a twist. There's a way to feel the kind of beautiful you can't necessarily see in the mirror—the kind of beautiful that arises from feeling empowered, prepared, and like you've got a one-up on what's around the bend. If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Where's a ___ when you need one?" or "I'd kill for a ___ right about now," consider our top 6 survival essentials every Galentine needs in her bag for rainy days and what-ifs.



Pepper sprays, personal alarms, and emergency hammers are just a few of the safety-themed products in BlingSting's bag of tricks, all compact enough to conceal in a clutch or handbag, clip onto a key ring, or carry outright. Second only to making good decisions about and being hyper-aware of our surroundings at all times, BlingSting serves as a safety net that no Galentine should find herself without in the event of a situation turning sticky. Not only that, they are colorfully bestudded and bejeweled beyond all reason. Form + function = win!


Therawell Icy Cool Towel

When activated with moisture, the reusable Icy Cool Towel soothes hot skin for up to four hours without refrigeration, making it perfect for long stints in elevated temperatures, mid- or post- workout, during a hike, while traveling, you name it!

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

It's no hush-hush matter: we're all human an we've all been there. Poo-Pourri makes it their business (get it?) to alleviate bathroom anxiety by giving you a scent-neutralizing weapon in the form of a subtle spritzer that virtually wipes out any evidence you were ever there. 

Eyeglass Care Kit

For all your bespectacled babes, a kit to rehab readers is worth its weight in gold. Galentines will find a multi-function screwdriver, cleaning solution, and microfiber cloth for optimum care of their specs when a loosened lens, torrential rain, or stubborn smudges strike.


Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit

Along with garment tape, deodorant remover, and a mini sewing kit, the Fashion Emergency Kit from Hollywood Fashion Secrets also boasts a spare earring backing, shoe blister pad, and nail file (among yet other life-saving gadgets), making it a veritable port in a storm when wardrobe malfunction strikes in full force.




Subtitled "Everything You Need to Know to Impress Everyone," Womanskills is a guide to social, romantic, domestic, and professional life hacks with women in mind that is truly less about astounding others with your expertise as it is about proving something pretty important to yourself: You can do it.

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Posted by Katy Kirkpatrick



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