Going for Your First Brazilian Wax? Here's What to Expect.

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A Brazilian Wax is really no big deal.

Between the idea of dropping your trousers in front of a stranger and the anticipation of pain, the whole Brazilian thing can be a bit intimidating. To ease your worries about what to expect when getting a Brazilian and help you jaunt in and out like a pro, here's a little rundown of the whole process:

*A few tips before you go. Let it grow. Hair should be a quarter inch long if fine to a half inch long if it's coarse. Plan to wax every 2 to 4 weeks. The more often you wax, the more fine & sparse hair becomes and the less painful the process is. The morning before your appointment, exfoliate but skip the lotion.

First: You'll be welcomed into our comfortable and uber private spa room upstairs where you'll be greeted by one of our Master Estheticians. Once you've made yourself at home, you will be provided with a towel to drape yourself - no initial flashing required.

Next: You'll discuss your options with your Esthetician. Some ladies opt for a little 'landing strip' which means you'll have just a bit left right down the center. Others go for bare. It's up to you.

Finally: Warm wax is applied to the area as you lay back and think happy thoughts. We use Cirepil hard wax which is the best of the best. While holding your skin taut, hair is zipped right off. As to the pain, it's completely manageable. There may be some tender spots while other spots are barely noticeable. The sides and top will go first, then your more..ahem…intimate portions. Worry not, it's been done by a thousand other ladies before you and it's all over very quickly.

As a last step, tweezers will take care of any stray hairs and skin soothing lotion is applied.

The whole thing will last between 10 and 40 minutes.

Remember to apply Tend Skin afterward to avoid red bumps and use an exfoliating loofah regularly.


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