Our Very Own Sadie is Ruby Snap's Cookie Pin Up of the Month


RubySnap & Got Beauty Join Forces for 1940's Beauty and One Delicious Cookie

Ruby of RubySnap Cookies has honored our very own Sadie with inclusion in her formidable lineup of gorgeous gals. Each month, one pretty picture is featured on location at RubySnap and at RubySnap.com and a cookie is dreamed up by the baking diva herself to match. February's cookie is a delicious Red Velvet Cream Cheese cookie. It is the LAST DAY to enjoy this one so we recommend you go grab it on the way home from work today. It is not to be missed. Worry not if you missed out on this darling because, coming right up in March is our very own Katy and a brand new cookie to boot!


Sadie's amazing hair color is the work of Got Beauty Stylist, Amy Nihipali-Dobbs. Her heavenly makeup is by Shelly Haggerty for Pops Cosmetics and Shelby Perry for Got Beauty. Come on in to Got Beauty for a "Scarlett Mini Makeover" or call 801 474-2090 to book an appointment or consultation.


Pictured from left to right: Tami Cromar (Ruby the Baker Snap), Shelby Perry, Sadie Helen, Amy Nihipali-Dobbs

Get Sadie's 1940s Hollywood Hair & Makeup (Tammy Taylor): 

Sadie’s 1940’s hair and makeup Hollywood look is one of my all time favorites!

I think it is timeless, flattering on everyone, and believe it or not, fun and easy to achieve! It is also very easy to take from a super wearable daytime look to a more dramatic evening look simply by layering on a bit more bold color.

The classic Hollywood look consists of a super matte, natural eye, a well-defined brow, a natural rosy cheek and a bold lip. However for Sadie we gave it our own Got Beauty twist by using a frosty smooth shadow shade to kick up her eyecolor a bit.

Prep: Begin with a light coat of foundation, and a little eye highlite or concealer on both your upper lid and under your eye.  Apply a pressed powder like Palladio Wet Dry over your foundation for a smooth, flawless finish. 

Use a chisel brush to apply POPS Pressed Eye Shadow in ‘Nude’ to your entire lid, from your lashline all the way up to your brow.

Eyes: Using a Deluxe Fluff Brush, lightly apply POPS Ultra Pearl in ‘Jon Bon’ directly to your eye crease, blending it really well into your Nude base color for a totally soft dreamy look. Using the same brush, lightly line your lower lashline with the Jon Bon. 'RB Float' is also a nice choice if you like a more taupe brown.

**Tip: For the most classic 1940’s eye, substitute POPS Pressed Eye Shadow in either 'Taupe' or Milk Chocolate for the Jon Bon. You can also add POPS Pressed Eye Shadow in 'Snow White', as a highlighter along the browbone for a super dramatic look.

We used POPS Tugless Eye Pencil in ‘Black’ to create a clean line all along her lashline, from inner eye to outer eye.  Flip up the liner slightly at the outer eye to accent your lashes and extend your eye.

**Tip: A trick to getting your black liner exactly where you want it, is to first use a Tapered Angle Brush to apply a thin line of a dark brown shadow as a guide along your lashline. 

Using POPS Tugless Pencil in ‘Taupe’ we lightly filled in Sadie’s brow.  Use the pencil color closest to your own brow shade, or slightly darker for a more dramatic look.

Apply mascara and lashes if you like.  For Sadie we used Double Up 206 in black, and Sherani Waterproof Mascara.

Cheeks: We used POPS Sweet Cheeks in 'Hydrangea' for her rosy cheek.  Starting at the apple of her cheek, we stippled on the color with our POPS Blusher Brush, and blended the color lightly outward along her cheekbone .

Lips: We finished by lining, then filing her lip in with POPS Creamy Lip Pencil in 'Rubis', followed by a dab of Just Kissed for a little shine and a pop of pink.


     Wet Brush              High Pigment Eyeshadow              Tugless Eye Pencil

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