Thinking about our Mothers.


What is a Momshell?

Thoughts about the women who made us the people we are today.


mother and daughter spa packages

Laura DeRosier, Got Beauty Nail Artist and resident Momshell


mother and daughter spa packages  mother and daughter spa packages

mother and daughter spa packages  mother and daughter spa packages

Our moms, clockwise from top left (Jackie, Lisa, Lorii, Sasha)


My mom is in old movies. I am vacuuming the living room floor and Rear Window flickers on the TV screen and I am transported to twelve years old, sitting on her bed, watching her pore over an unfolded cardboard box nestled with frosted bottles of delicately perfumed goodies. They've been sent from bustling New York all the way to a tiny town in Alaska: facial cleanser, skin cream, tinted moisturizer, blushy pink eye shadow and matching nail lacquer.

‘It’s the one thing I splurge on.’ she says reverently ‘Your grandmother told me always to spend a little every month on caring for yourself.’ My Grandmother is another one, a grand old dame, Elizabeth Taylor like in her beauty well into her eighties and just a little bit frightening in her straight-shouldered authoritative femininity; she is the matriarch of matriarchs. She smells of perfume and spearmint gum and lipstick and leather heels.

It is this kind of simple power we talked about as we sat to discuss mothers this year. Her flawless skin coated in a nightly regiment of goopy dripping rose-scented cold cream. Her unrivaled irreverent sense of humor making life (and our deepest fears) more bearable. Boxes of things she has left behind becoming precious. Her perfume we would recognize instantly to this day.  The way she juggles daily to-do’s and relationships and little human beings and makes time for her self all with power and grace and beautiful imperfection. Our mothers, the mothers who are our good friends, our family and the mothers some of us have become are Momshells. Simply gorgeous women who balance daunting daily requirements with a beauty that emanates from within (and definitely without). People we look up to and want to recognize this month and throughout the month of May.

Starting today and ending on Thursday, May 9 we are inviting everyone to nominate a Momshell. It could be someone you know or it could be you. Don’t be shy; if you’re a Momshell own it! We will post our favorite answers here at Talk Beauty and choose one lucky Momshell to win a $500 Gift Basket, which includes a Got Beauty spa day for two.

♥ Jenevieve Hubbard, Creative Director of Marketing

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