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More than just a pretty face, a Momshell handles day to day challenges and oodles of responsibility with power and grace. She emanates beauty from within and balances love for others with love for herself. If this sounds like someone you know, be sure to nominate her for the Momshell Giveaway before May 9! We are starting with Laura DeRosier, Got Beauty's Nail Guru as our resident Momshell (We have oh so many other Momshells among the Got Beauty Girls, it was hard to pick one to start with!). Laura and her ducklings graced us with their beauty for the Momshell photoshoot. We were lucky enough to sit down for a chat with Laura and get to know what makes her glow.



Home is:

Where my husband and girls are.

What inspires my style most:

Really whatever looks good on me.

If I could have any magical power it would be:

To grant wishes.

Guilty pleasure:


If I could live in any other era, it would be:

Well, I don't think I'd want to go backwards so somewhere in the future.

My most treasured posession is:

My shoe collection...don't make me pick just one.

The best advice I've ever received:

Whatever you lose you find.

Who's your Momshell and why?

Leni Brass at Got Beauty. I admire how great she is with her kids and she works so hard.  

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