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What is a Momshell you ask? Tammy T., Got Beauty's founder, put the 'Mom' in Bombshell to describe the way all of our mothers are so beautiful in so many ways. Each are knockouts in their own unique way. Here's to Moms who rock!!! If this sounds like someone you know, be sure to nominate her for the Momshell Giveaway by 5 pm on Friday, May 10!

Leni is an oh-so-talented Got Beauty stylist and one of our resident Momshells. We sat down with her for a heart to heart and learned how this flame-haired Miami-native and Mama of two little ones so deftly keeps all those plates in the air. "I've been in the business for 8 years", says Leni. "I absolutely love doing hair, it became my next art form after years of dance wreaked havoc on my body. I've done some crazy things in my career like cutting 12 inches off hair that was down to a woman's behind and most recently a pretty cool purple ombre. But mostly I like to work with what is naturally there and improve upon it."

When I was a kid I wanted to be


I'm happiest when

I'm with my babies.

My dream vacation

Oh man…somewhere sunny and relaxing.

My biggest beauty secret

I use Phytomist on my face! It's a great lightweight leave-in detangler and UV protectant that absorbs odor and oil from your hair. But when I'm in a hurry I used it on my face too instead of moisturizer.

I would never

Say "No" to dreaming big.

Secret hiding place as a kid

I loved to hide in my music. I would crank it up and disappear.

When no one is listening I sing this at the top of my lungs

Edie Brickell's Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars, the whole album. I actually got caught doing that once when I pulled up next to a car and we both had our windows rolled down. Oops.

Guilty pleasure

Gossip Girl

Who's your Momshell?

Laura DeRosier. She works so hard, continues her education and comes to work every day looking beautiful. She is a genuine, caring person.


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