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For Mothers Day at Got Beauty this year, we sat down and talked mothers. We discussed how each mom we know is a total knockout in her own unique way. During this conversation, Tammy T put the 'MOM' in Bombshell and we came up with the expression 'Momshell' which pretty much means: Moms who Rock! Congratulations to Cherly DeRosa, pictured above, winner of this month's contest.

We had so many beautiful (and deserving) entries for our Momshell Giveaway that it was really difficult to pick just one. Thank you SO much to all the lovely people who took the time to tell us about their Momshells. 


We love what Cheryl's daughter, Dominique had to say about her:


"My nomination for Got Beauty's Momshell contest is my gorgeous, talented, and wonderfully compassionate warrior of a mother.  Not only has she "got beauty", but she's got style and grace! This Southern belle's personality radiates in her smile when she plays her violin for any size crowd.  The legend goes that her own arrangement of Devil Went Down to Georgia knocked Charlie Daniels' socks off! The greatest mother and inspiration a young woman could ask for; that's my mom!"


Unique Mothers Day Gifts

And because we want to leave no heroine unsung, here's a selection of some of our favorite entries:

From my 5 year old daugher - "I love you. I love you and would give you a lot of nice things. I like that when we went out to dinnner with grandma when I asked you to wear high heels and a dress, you did. You do nice things for me like take pictures of me, watch me ride my new bike, and help me get dressed." My 2 year old son says, "I love you this many" while he holds his hand up with two fingers extended.

~ Molly Prentice

I am pleased to submit Laura Holden Nicholson for your consideration of this year's Momshell! Laura Holden Nicholson is a self made woman! She has made her way up the corporate ladder of Verizon management and done so while raising 2 children as a single Momshell. Laura is smart, pretty, kind, loving and generous.  She can sew like nobody's business, she adores her children and is a huge advocate for her children at school, and just about the best friend a girl (me) could ask for! This momshell knows the true meaning of "keep on keepin' on."  She has, she does and always will with fabulous, beautiful, sexy results.

~ Gina Fisher

My Mom is my MomShell. For over the last year my work schedule changed to where I was not able to have Friday's off any longer and the daycare I take my Daughter to did not have any openings on Friday so for the past year plus my Momshell on her only day off work comes over and watches her Granddaughter.  I appreaciate that as I know how valuable a day off his. My Momsheel deserves to be papmpered for all her hard work.   Thank You and I love you Mom!!!

~ Michelle Hauck

My Momshell is my bombshell of a mom, Kathy McCabe. Not only is this woman stunning and hot at the age of 50, but she is also the most caring, loving, supportive woman I know. Talk about a fierce and strong mom who will do anything for her family! She is the woman I want to be when I "grow up" and I would not trade her in for ANYONE else in the world. I can only hope I age as gracefully as her so that I can grow up to be a Momshell too :)

~ Channing McCabe

Mary Jim Bottcher is my grandmother but still a bombshell....ahem, momshell. From Alabama, she is the epitome of a Southern woman complete with a lilting Southern draw. Glamorous even at the age of 78, she always looks superbly coiffed with ruby lipstick and scarlet nail polish. She also was an avid tennis player until a few years ago, graceful with a racket and quick in step. She was Miss Auburn at Auburn University 50 some odd years ago and still turns heads to this day.

~ Mary Brittain Blankenship

The Momshell is me! I am best looking on the inside, because I'm a busy mom of a two year old, and I work full time. My outside never gets a break. I am almost 42 years old, but people say I don't look a day over thirty!! I would so much like to look like a bombshell on the outside again, YOU know, the gal my husband was enchanted by enough to get to know. I need to feel sexy again, and get that confidence again! This mama deserves a pampering!

~ Angie Lassig

She is my best friend, my partner-in-crime, my cheerleader, my superhero! I have interviewed many inspiring people in my career, still there is one interview I have always wanted to cover, except she would be too embarrassed by the attention and insist there are far more deserving people in the world. That is my mother. She has led a remarkable life. Believe me, she's truly deserving. She has always been right by my side pushing me to be my best and for that I am forever grateful.

~ Callie Bowers

Stacey Fairbanks is my nomination. A mother of teenagers..She works hard as a Server six days a week..and she is a beauty. Please help with showing her some Love at Got Beauty

~ Ron Moyer

Jamie Lynn Galloway = Momshell. She has a genuine passion for early childhood care and is an advocate for the children. She works full time and also takes 12+ credit hrs a semester to will graduate in May. She is a Mom to her 5yr old son Max and my 9yr old son Elliott. She amazes me with her lesson plans and projects for the kids. She always goes above and beyond and ends up using a lot of her own money for the classroom. Smart women are sexy women and she is the smartest woman i know.

~ Daniel Doepner

Most of us moms learned to be great moms from the mothers we had. I only strive to be as kind, gentle, compassionate, protecting, and unconditionally loving as my mom has been to me all my life. Never faultering in her devotion to instill in me morals and values that would be passed along generation to generation. What we leave behind in the hearts of others, says who we were, whom we loved, and how we lived.

~ Asia Miller

Almost 15 years ago my mom was diagnosed with MS, the same year she graduated with her MBA after going to school full time, working full time and raising 3 kids as a single mother.  Now super grandma for my 2 year old niece who lives with her, always having a smile on her face and positive attitude she trades in her extra money for what we consider luxury items like salon visits and pampering for diapers and educational items.

~ Stefini Young

My mom is the ultimate momshell! She is funny & spunky which makes her a blast to be around! Everyone who meets her falls instantly in love and wants to be around her. My mom runs non-stop and is ever-optimistic. She works at a clothing store with a bunch of girls in their twenties and keeps up with them as a fasionista. She is beautiful and confident. I am grateful  that she is my mom. Please pick Shelly Hickam for your Momshell she deserves this more than anyone I know and I know countless others who would agree.

~ Kate Hickam

My mom is an amazing, strong, beautiful woman.

~ Jennifer Sosa

My Mom is 65 and runs circles around me.  She teaches Zumba, is a gourmet chef, runs marathons and has several tattoos (including a full back piece--wow).  She can still rock a bikini like you would not believe!  When it comes to men, she refuses to date men her age--and instead dates guys my age (I'm 35!!!) because they're the only ones who can keep up with her.  My Mom is a crazy, wild, adventurous, fiery spirt and she refuses to be held down by one house, one job, one man or one dream!

~ Bengta Williams

My friend and co-worker Becky Garfias is a total momshell. Works 2 jobs and takes care of 2 kids while her husband works out of town. She is always positive and supportive to people, and kind to patients. She is sweet and could really use some "me" time for herself. While she always looks amazing, she is someone who radiates naturally because she's such a good person inside.

~ Kate Montgomery

My momshell is my good friend Amanda. She has a two and a half year old boy (Gabriel) and a nine month old girl (Imari). Without a lot of help Amanda has supported her herself and her two children. she works so hard everyday, never taking a day off. She is so confident, strong willed and determined. She is an inspiration, her babies are lucky to have a momshell like her.

~ Michelle Perry

Who's your Momshell? Tell us in the comments below.

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