3 Easy Steps to a Flawless Self Tan


Warm weather beauty is all about going au natural. Now that temperatures are rising again and Spring break is right around the corner, it's time to start prepping your own version of natural beauty. Keeping your skin in peak condition is one of the best ways to enjoy your beautiful summer self. Ironically, the first step to the healthiest and prettiest skin is to protect it from the damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun. If you’d like to “summerize” your complexion but want to avoid the inherent leathery sheen that comes with the daily bake, here are three easy self tanning tips.


Take a shower! Grab a Buffing Cloth from Dermalogica, add a little body wash if you prefer but at least get it moist and gently exfoliate from head to toe. Next, you’ll want to shave. If you wait until after sunless tan application to shave, you’ll likely remove all that hard work.


Once you are finished with your shower, skip the lotion. We ♥ the Tan Towel because it gives you the subtlest self tan and is great for a range of skin types including the very pale. Grab two Tan Towels, one for your upper body (face, arms and trunk) and the second for your lower half. Apply the Tan Towel in a circular motion. It’s alright to go over areas twice to avoid streaks but go easy on your face, elbows and knees. You might want to get some assistance for your back! Check yourself out in a full-length mirror to watch for streaks. Once you’re through, do not forget to wash the tanner off your palms for obvious reasons. Your tan will be ready to go in about 4 hours.


Try not to shower or moisturize for the first day. After that, moisturize daily for upkeep. You’ll want to reapply your tan every 2 to 4 days.

Now...go out and enjoy the sunshine! But don’t forget to grab your wide brimmed hat, your favorite pair of sunnies and apply broad spectrum sunscreen to face and body every two hours!

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Posted by Jenevieve Hubbard

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