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Beauty has as many forms as there are personalities and seasons in a woman's life. This month we are feeling inspired, not so much by what a particular culture or trend labels as beautiful, but by what makes a woman feel beautiful as an individual in the real world. We're starting with our own diverse group of GBG's (Got Beauty Girls) who come to us from a range of ages, life situations and backgrounds. 

After years in the beauty industry, experimenting with all the latest trends and products (for better or worse), they each have their own unique stories as well as tons of pretty useful advice! Please join us in the coming months as we open a conversation about what makes YOU feel beautiful, and how each one of us has personally overcome our own beauty hang-ups, both large and small, to arrive at something that is uniquely, magnificently our own. 

To start, here's a brief introduction of our "real beautiful" GBG's:


beauty in your twenties


Age: 23

Full Time Student, Jackie-of-all-trades & Live Music Enthusiast

Beauty Hang-Ups & Obsessions: 

Beauty Challenge: The endless battle for clear skin
Beauty Feat: Effortless makeup in 5 minutes or less.
• Always on the Hunt for: Makeup & hairstyles that will stay put through work and class. 

Beauty Pick: POPS Sweetcheeks Blush in "Hydrangea" 



Best Makeup for Dark Skin


Age: 29 Superwoman by Day, Carouser by Night, Football Fan all the Time

Beauty Hang-Ups & Obsessions: 

Beauty Challenge: Managing oily hair & skin
Beauty Feat: Faking the "I got a full 8-hrs" look
• Always on the Hunt For: The perfect makeup for my skin-tone. 

Beauty Pick: Butter London Nail Laquer in "Cotton Buds" 

*Stay tuned for Real World Beauty with Karina! 


Best Natural Makeup


Age: 27

Director of all things Got Beauty, Natural Products Enthusiast, Lover of the Weekend Farmers Markets

Beauty Hang-Ups & Obsessions: 

Beauty Challenge: Keeping my naturally curly hair non-frizzy while still maintaining body at my roots.
Beauty Feat: Pretty 2-minute up-do's for my 'no time to get ready' mornings.
• Always on the Hunt For: Natural products by companies I can stand by. 

Beauty Pick: Marrakesh Hair Oil in "Original" 





Beauty in Your Thirties


Age: 34

Creative Mad Scientist, Avid Art & Fashion Follower, Working Mom of a Sweet 7 Year Old

Beauty Hang-Ups & Obsessions: 

Beauty Challenge: Wrestling the encroaching first signs of aging (and ensuing denial).
Beauty Feat: Fresh-faced makeup that stays put through 8-10 hours of eye-rubbing.
• Always on the Hunt For: Gentle anti-aging products for an anti-aging noob. 

Beauty Pick: POPS Gel Eyeliner in "Gold" 


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Beauty in Your Fifties


Age: None-Ya :)

Got Beauty Guru & Founder, Child of the Beauty Industry & Lover of Leopard Print

Beauty Hang-Ups & Obsessions: 

Beauty Challenge: Aging gracefully is a full time job.
Beauty Feat: My own private concoction for smooth glowing skin.
• Always on the Hunt For: The best products for bigger, thicker, healthier hair!

Beauty Pick: Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer 

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Posted by Jenevieve Hubbard

Director of Marketing/Creative Genius



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