Tammy Takes a Stab At Aging Gracefully

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It’s not everyday you come across someone in the beauty industry who is more innovative, intelligent, and inspiring than Tammy Taylor, founder and owner of Got Beauty. From her childhood among a family of movie makeup artists, to her sheer talent, brains and lovable personality, she is more than equipped to conquer the beauty world (and the real world, if she so desired). She may make it look easy, but like most women, Tammy experiences the daily struggles of combating the aging process. Over the years, she's tweaked and fine-tuned her beauty regimen to make aging a lot more manageable and a little less scary. In this week's 'Real World Beauty' blog, she has offered to share some of her tips with us!


What inspired you to open a store? Did you always know you wanted to own a beauty store or did a prophetic voice wake you in the middle of the night? 

I grew up in the beauty industry, as well as the motion picture makeup industry, and I've always loved everything about it! I looked up to my family and friends, many of them being industry aces (like Sig Frends, Naimie Ojeil, Gary Liddiard, Marjean Lowe, and especially Rick Taylor), and I still do! I wanted to do what they did, but in my own way. Honestly, I am doing just what I always dreamed of doing! I got to be exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up! :)

Where do you see yourself in five years? What about Got Beauty?
By nature, I don't sit still for very long. I like a ton of diversity in my day. I see myself doing more of what I love, and loving to do more. I see Got Beauty growing, growing growing! With the marvelous mentorship she receives every day from my young, smart, astounding staff...I am excited to see who Got Beauty will be when SHE grows up!

Will you share with us one of the funniest/weirdest/quirkiest moments about growing up in the beauty industry with your folks?
I grew up in the movie makeup industry, so it was not uncommon for my mom to be testing new types of fangs, dressing up like a vampire, and chasing us around the house...nor was it unusual for my dad to be decked out like Braveheart during dinner. Yup...that was my childhood.

Who is your current celebrity crush?
Hah! Very funny, girls!!! It would be a total toss up between Todd Rundgren and Todd Rundgren. Although, John De Lancie may be running a bit of a close race, and Richie Sambora has, of course, earned permanent placement!

All jokes aside, though, my REAL crush is my husband, Michael Upwall, celebrity architect. That's a battle Mr. Rundgren can't win :)

What beauty trend from your past do you regret the most?
Maybe my 2½" long, overly-embellished fingernail phase, but it was awesomely impressive at the time...I think.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?
Jenni Holmstead...Joan Crawford...or Mrs. Judy Hicks and/or Todd Mories. :)

What is the best thing about your job?
Truly, I love the interaction I have with my clients and coworkers! It's not a cliché...it's just the truth!

When did the leopard obsession begin?
My mom had it bad. I believe it is possibly a genetic predisposition! I'm not looking for a cure. I've loved it when it's been hot, and maybe even more so when it's not! My prized possession is a leopard print Kitchenaid mixer, given to me by the Got Beauty Girls. They had it specially designed by a guy who customizes Harley Davidsons! :) So cool!

If you had to go incognito, what color wig would you wear?
Wigs make me itch. I'm loud and not so stealthy. I will probably just go as me.

What is unexpectedly the greatest thing about getting older as a woman?
Perspective. Experience. Bigger love. A 'been there, done that' beauty that you can't buy...you've gotta earn that stuff with wrinkles and war wounds. My favorite thing to say when someone asks how I am is "I'm old and I'm short...but I'm happy".

What movie do you love the least?
Oh dear. That is a hard one. As much as I love Marky Mark....and I DO love Marky Mark....the scene where he is talking to a plastic house plant in 'The Happening' was pretty unbearable! And at the risk of racking up some serious unpopularity points, I have to say that although I adore Johnny Depp, the remake of 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' hurt my feelings a little bit! Gene Wilder was/is/forever will be the Wonka master!

What 3 beauty products/habits keep you feeling your best?
For feeling fine, I like lots of water, lots of walking, and lots of laughing! For looking my best, I use great skin and hair care products. A few of my must-have camouflage products are the Skinperfect Primer from Dermalogica, which makes my skin look super smooth under my makeup, and a combo of the Tri Aero Body Infusion and Ionic Anti-Static Hair Dryer from Hot Tools to give my thinning hair the ultimate volume without the ultimate frizz. But to be certain, I get by with a little (or a lot of) help from my friends, like Dr. Larsen and his highly proficient posse at Salt Lake City Med Spa. We've got some plans in the woks with them on a Got Beauty/SLC Med Spa collaboration, so keep your eyes peeled for great information and special events in the near future...!

What was your favorite costume when you were a kid?
This question isn't quite fair, because I wanted to dress up ALL the time! If I had to pick, I'd pick to be a witch. Some of my proudest and most favorite time flashes have been as Queen Amidala, The Bride of Frankenstien, and my crowning moment as a vampire with a prosthetic stake through the heart! My personal style seems to reflect high doses of geek-chic, and that is ok with me. :)

What is your number 1 goal in life?
To live my life in a way that my kids really like and respect me. It's ok if I bug them, or if they think I am a dork...as long as they know they can depend on me, and as long as they agree to bring the ducks (potential grandbabies) over all the time!

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