Are You a Real World Beauty?


Meet Melissa

A real world beauty can come in any shape, size, age or gender. Different from the magazine cover picture of beauty, a real world beauty lives on the planet earth and deals with daily challenges to feeling fabulous. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing real beauty triumphs and troubles as well as exchanging tips & tricks for a happier self. We believe beauty is not about becoming somebody else but about embodying your best self.

This month we asked you to tell us what it means to you to be your own beauty as well as to share your own tips, tricks & product picks. Here are a selection of a few of our favorite responses including the lucky winner of our giveaway and bona fide real world beauty, Melissa Mazzur. Thank you to all of you for your brilliant responses. And a big congratulations to Melissa! 

Here's what Melissa had to say:

“I am a big real beauty! I may be on the larger size but I’ve learned that has its own kind of beauty. When it comes to favorite products, I cannot live without my BB Cream. “ 



My weight is my biggest obstacle to feeling fabulous. I do my best to excercise and eat right but this is part of who I am and something I struggle to love every day. I'd say my number one beauty tip is a healthy dose of self-acceptance.

Butter London is my favorite nail lacquer. I love the range of color and that it is a natural nailpolish without the bad chemicals.  My all-time fave is Blowing Raspberries.

~ Melissa Mazzur

And the runners up are:


Apryl aka Remarkable Jane

I love (and am always on the hunt for) natural products that actually work. Busy, busy with my blog at Remarkable Jane (and a million other irons in the fire), my biggest challenge is lack of time so I've become a pro at doing my makeup in under 15 minutes.

A white eyeliner pencil is a must to easily create a fresh wide-eyed awake look when putting makeup on  in the morning. I just gently apply white to the inner corner of each eye and depending on how intense or subtle I want the look I'll shape or lightly smudge respectively. This instantly transforms my tired bleary eyes into beautifully mesmerizing peepers. 

Also one of my favorite products is Palladio's Herbal Lip Gloss in "Crystal" - one of the few glosses that I can wear alone cause the color is such a pretty and sparkling neutral. I've got two so I have one for my makeup kit at home and one for my purse when I'm on the go



I regularly deal with hardly any sleep and hardly any time. My favorite solutions are Batiste Dry Shampoo for quickly ungreasifying my hair without a wash, Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Firm Serum which works like a charm on puffy under-eyes and Palladio Herbal Treatment Concealer for masking
under eye circles.

What makes you feel beautiful? Tell us below.

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