A Few Things You Should Know About a Brazilian Wax

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What Makes Our Brazilian Wax the Best. By Tammy T.

Allow us for a minute to wax on a bit about Brazilian waxing...

I've heard it said that waxing only requires three things: (a trained esthetitican, wax and cloth). Au contraire, my pretties. Before you book an appointment, it's important to understand a few Brazilian basics and the underlying differences between what I like to call a 'drive through service' and a job better-than-well-done.

Read on to learn a few Brazilian Wax bullet points:

1. High Quality Wax...We Use It Because It Matters:

The primary objective, if you're investing time & money in a Brazilian Wax is to achieve absolutely smooth and pretty skin.

The quality and the kind of wax used for your Brazilian will make all the difference in how your skin reacts to waxing, how little discomfort you feel, the overall effectiveness of your service, and even how long you can go between Brazilians.

There are 2 main kinds of wax you'll want to know about:

• Soft Wax (also called strip wax):

Soft Wax is inexpensive and for that reason, a very commonly used form of wax.  It involves applying the wax and then a piece of cloth, which is used to whip off unwanted hair.  Depending upon the skill of your esthetician, soft wax can be quite effective…but in our opinion, its not the best choice. It tends to leave patches of coarser hair behind and many clients claim it is more irritating to sensitive areas of skin.  Quite truly,  from my personal and my professional experience…strip waxing hurts more.  It leaves you with more sensitivity, more redness, and a tacky residue that sticks fast to your panties.  I don’t love that.  Clients don’t love that.

• Hard Wax:

Though more expensive, hard wax is far easier on those extra sensitive areas of the skin involved in a Brazilian. Hard wax is just that, hard. The wax is melted, gently smoothed on and allowed to dry (when applied properly this encapsulates each hair).  As it dries the wax hardens, lifting itself from the skin, which allows us to remove the wax along with the unwanted hair quickly, with little or no pain, and without leaving a residue that marries you to your undergarments.


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2. Convenience...we've got you covered:

Rarely do I meet many people with time to spare. Our personal maintenance  is often exchanged for meetings, kid pick up, and coffee runs.  Finding a waxing wizard, who is available when you are is a biggie.  HUGE really!  We get that…so Got Beauty takes Brazilian appointments from 9 am to 9 pm Monday thru Saturday and from 12 pm to 5 pm on Sundays. You can even book yourself an appointment online without having to pick up the phone. (Oh! And speaking of coffee runs..a quick tip, whatever time of day you might choose, try and nix the caffeine for the day or switch to a much reduced caffeine alternative - lots of caffeine can irritate more than your mood…it can actually irritate your skin too)

3. Skincare Consultation & Recommendation:

Ask your esthetician any questions you might have before, during and after your appointment.  She’s heard and seen it all, and she knows the answers.  She can direct you to the perfect sweet spot home care products.  She knows the right questions to ask you- which is equally as important when applying warm wax to your she and he parts.  Your esthetician will fill you in on all the ins and outs of your between waxing home care, and give you a time-frame for rebooking. Oh and be sure to ask her for lots of free samples!

4. Expertise...We are swimming In It:

Here is the final word. There is absolutely 100% no substitution for expertise.   Experience is queen.  It will make all the difference in how quick and efficient your service is, how comfortable you are (both mentally and physically) during your service, and most importantly the perfection of your finished product.  Don’t skimp on the expertise, experience, or product quality in favor of saving a few bucks….ever.
OH!  One final note on Sanitation and Safety...We are CLEAN FREAKS:
We are serious about your safety, and ours.  We take the extra time in between each appointment to make sure that every single aspect of your service is 100% sanitary.  This costs a teeny bit more, and takes a few more minutes, but we never compromise on cleanliness.  It is important to us.
Our State Health Inspectors...the ones responsible for inspecting establishments all over the state, and enforcing SLVHD's strict guidelines?
They are regular salon customers.  They love us.  Do I need to say more?  :) 

Meet Our Estheticians

There are very good reasons we have earned the reputation as the best Brazilian Wax in town, and here a few....Meet our estheticians...


Michelle Kobernik

Master Esthetician, Waxing Wunderkind & Problem Skin Expert

Michelle is our Waxing Wunderkind with an expertise in Brazilian waxing. She has been in the industry for 11 years and has a forte for handling even the most sensitive of skin. Her clients love her technique, quickness, her bedside manner, and their results. She also specializes in advanced skin care facials, acne and rosacea.

Beauty Secret: When my skin is feeling inflamed I apply Dermalogica's Barrier Repair.  
It is soft and silky and calms my skin right away.  

Favorite Product: If my skin is having a breakout due to hormones I use Glymed Serious Action Skin Wash three or four days in a row, sometimes leaving it on for 3-5 minutes as a mini mask. Always does the trick.

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Shelby Perry

Professional Makeup Artist & Master Esthetician and Educator

Shelby is a Master Esthetician, Licensed Instructor, and a true waxing aficionado. She also excels at spray tanning and makeup and has appeared in many of our 3-Minute Makeup Videos. She has been in the industry for 6 years and teaches at an esthetics school four days a week.

Beauty Secret: When I want a mild inexpensive body exfoliation I will use a little bit of baking soda mixed with a little bit of water in the shower. Leaves my skin soft and my wallet happy. 

 Favorite Product: I keep the Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit (available in-store only at Got Beauty) in my makeup kit at all times. It's easy to travel with and take anywhere. Apply the included brow wax before the powder for thinner brows so the powder will stay all day. For thicker more unruly brows, apply the wax after applying the powder to help hold the brows in place.   


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