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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. It seems to me like this romantically-sodden holiday seeks to separate us into at least 2 very distinct groups. The first group (those who are lucky in love) look for ways to celebrate their love for a significant other with thoughtful gifts and a night out...and rightfully so! The second group (those who may not presently be sweet on any certain someone) usually spend the evening with their BFF looking for ways to forget that this holiday even exists.

Although we are oh-so-happy for those who will have eyes full of stars and mouths full of chocolate surprises, the Got Beauty Girls wanted to take a minute to shift some of the love focus towards the BFFs of the world who make Valentine's Day more bearable for all us single ladies (and fellas). We asked a few Got Beauty girls what they love about thier BFF and how they like to spend time together, and received the following responses:

• "We talk all the time anyway, but a few nights per week, she comes over to my house and we sit on my porch drinking tea while we catch up. I call it my nightcap."

• "We send each other hilarious text messages and pictures every day, because no one else will laugh as hard as we do at complete and utter silliness."

• "We used to make hilariously-bad music videos lip syncing to our old favorite songs (ranging from Spice Girls to Def Leppard to TLC)."

• "We go to the gym together to try to be more active, but end up reading magazines on the bike machines talking about Grey's Anatomy (mind you, we aren't actually moving our legs)."

• "My best friend photoshopped our faces onto a bunch of movie posters one year and gave it to me as a gift. I have never laughed so hard in my life."

• "Every Tuesday night, we have really REALLY long girl talks, and usually manage to consume more Brie cheese and wine than any human ever should."

• "She's blunt with me. REALLY blunt. I don't always like her for it, but I definitely love her for it. When we go shopping, I never have to guess what she really thinks about a tacky pair of shoes I'm trying to buy."

• "We watch old movies together, and obsess over how delightfully devious Joan Crawford can be."

• "She always goes on crazy spontaneous adventures with me, anytime, anyplace. She's my partner in crime, and I don't know what I would do without her."

In honor of those really special someones, we've compiled a few gifts to show your BFF some proper know they deserve it!

She'll love:

Bling Sting Pepper Spray

Deborah Lippmann Rock & Roll Mini Duet

NYX Stick Blush

Bathing Belles Small Bag

We Go Together Like Drunk and Disorderly Flask

Together We So Rock Box Sign

Jane Iredale 24K Gold Dust Face Shimmer

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