How To Sport Bright Colors This Spring


 The results are back: bright colors are IN this Spring. Worried you can’t pull off Barbie pink hair or bright orange nails? Nonsense! There's no reason to feel intimidated by daring colors this fall! If you're a little uneasy about taking the plunge into brights, try one of these easy ways to incorporate some color into your accessories. Before you know it, you'll be sporting shades from every side of the dazzling color spectrum! 




Tantalizing Temporary Tattoos:
Deemed "The New Makeup", faux tats are a daring and unconventional way to show your true colors (minus the permanent commitment). Metallic gold and silver tats are trending like crazy right now and simply flying off the shelves of our flagship Sugarhouse shop!
Try out our temporary tattoos that come in black, gold, silver, or water color.


Super bright blush:
A neutral blush swept across the cheek bones takes the kick out of a bold hue. Apply the louder color only to the apples of the cheek, where it will give off rosy warmth.
Sweep your cheeks with the POPS Sweet Cheeks Blush for a POP of color.


Eye Popping Polish :
You can't go wrong with a vivid nail polish, whether it be on your fingers or your toes! A bright orange spices up any outfit, and lets you dress outside of the box on a much more subtle level.

Try the OPI Hawaii Collection which contains both brights and neutrals to match all moods.


Loud Lipstick:
To sport a fire engine red lip color, layer a warmer red liner underneath, then apply the lipstick only on the center of the lips! WaaLaa! A sexy pout suitable for day and night.

Try out any of the 6 colors from our bright and bold POPS Power Pout Collection.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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