Bronzer Basics for Every Skintone

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EVERYONE should wear bronzer! It instantly makes you look healthy, more youthful and beautiful! Here are our golden rules for getting your best goddess glow on, without looking dirty or orange!

Picking your perfect Bronzer

Bronzer is a terrific way to add a sun-kissed look to your skin without tanning. Your face bronzer should look natural - not orange or too dark.  When selecting your bronzer, pick a color that is about one shade darker than your natural tone.

If you have darker skin or are fair skinned but tan easily during the summer months, choose a color two shades darker than your natural skin tone, and slightly redder or more golden. It will be perfect for enhancing your tan!

Powder bronzer works well for those women with oily or combination skin, while some people with drier skin prefer a liquid. (Personally, I find powders much smoother and easier to apply, no matter the skin type)

Change up your foundation

If you are going to wear makeup under your bronzer, you want to switch to a slightly darker base color. I suggest always having two foundations on hand. One for when your skin is at it’s palest, the other a bit darker for summertime, when you’ve been self-tanning or getting a bit of sunshine. For in between times you can blend the two together to perfectly match your skin tone.

bronzer basics

Super Easy Bronzer Application Tips

• For powder formulas - both pressed powder and loose powder, use a large fluffy powder brush or bronzer brush.

• The key to a natural looking glow is to avoid applying too much. You can always add more if you need it. Swirl the brush into the bronzer powder and tap it to remove any excess…tapping is key!

• Most MUA’s suggest applying the bronzer to the areas of your face that the sun would hit naturally - the forehead, nose, and apples of your cheeks, jawline and chin. We call it the Rule of 3…. Create the number ‘3’ on both sides of your face. Starting at the top of your forehead, dust along your cheeks, sweeping it across your jawline all the way to your chin.

• Remember to blend the bronzer down into your neck. If you are putting your hair up…give the back of your neck a quick swipe as well, and I also love adding a little glow to enhance your cleavage.

• My Tammy-Go-To app is slightly different than most - I am in love with the simple, sexy freshness. I love to you use a tinted moisturizer a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone, a pop of soft pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, and a sweep of bronzer over your cheekbones for a sweet, totally natural and sunkissed look. Swirling your brush over the rest of your face without adding more bronzer to your brush gives you just a hint more color on your whole face without giving your skin an unnatural, or a ‘dirty’ look.

• No matter which method you choose, always apply by swirling the brush on your skin. This will distribute the product evenly. Use a circular motion and blend upward and outward. Keep blending the bronzer until it looks natural.

• For liquid bronzer, you apply the product in the same manner, except this time add just a couple drops of bronzer onto a makeup sponge. Don't worry about using too little. You can add more in layers. Use your sponge or fingertips to blend the color thoroughly.

• Look at your face in the mirror in natural light. If you think you have used too much, you don't need to start all over. Use blotting papers to remove some of the excess and the diminish the color by dusting with loose translucent powder. 


Brush up notes:

If you are a makeup junkie…buy yourself a bronzer brush…but a regular brush works just as well. Bronzing brushes have more bristles and they’re packed tightly together so you get more color with each swipe. For this very reason, my absolute favorite and no fail way to apply bronzing powder is with a full sized Powder Brush…It helps the product to go on more evenly and to appear more blended – and you won’t get any streaking or harsh lines with a nice big soft brush.


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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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