Busy Bodies: Gifts For Girls on the Go

The holidays are officially in full swing! Which means it's time to start thinking about gifts to get your loved ones. There are always a select few who are difficult to shop for, and the girls on the go are no exception. These are the girls who have filled their lives to the brim with activity and are a whirlwind of pure excitement. The problem is, you can't seem to get them to sit still long enough to tell you what they're pining for this year (probably because they're going out and getting it for themselves). Have no fear, busy bodies can't say no to these gifts for girls on the go. We suggest sparkles...lots of sparkles.

Busy Body Goodies

No one will mess with her with these in hand.



Handy Dandy Mini Notebooks

For girls who need to jot down split second thoughts in a jiffy.


Fabulously Flirty Flasks

You don't need us to tell you why a busy body gal would appreciate these...



Quaint and Quirky Coin Purses

We spy a quarter, three Euros, some paperclips, some nail clippers...


Pepper Spray

She'll want one of these. Trust me.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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