Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil For Health and Beauty

cbd oil for sensitive skin

By this time, I'm sure you've been hearing these three letters buzzing around your social media feed. What's the deal with hemp and CBD, anyway? What is it? What does it do? THC is illegal (in some places) and CBD is legal, so what's the difference? I am fascinated by holistic and naturally sustainable beauty alternatives, so of course I had to dive in and do some research. If you're curious about this new game-changing super oil then stay tuned, because according to what I learned, it's more than a passing beauty/health trend.

CBD is an ingredient that is derived from the hemp plant. CBD stands for "cannabidiol", the non-psychoactive ingredient extracted from the hemp plant that does NOT contain any THC. Meaning, products that contain only CBD with no THC will not make you feel high. CBD is, in fact, legal in the US for consumption and topical use.  The hemp plant itself is an incredibly sustainable crop because of the plants ability to grow close to each other using less water than other crops. They also thrive in a variety of different climates and soils, without any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, making hemp ideal for cleaning up soil pollution. 

Hemp is rich in amino acids and fatty omegas 3 & 6. These acids help to deliver moisture and retain nutrients in the skin and hair while combatting against environmental and daily stress.  Beauty products with CBD will be magical for helping skin and hair retain moisture. CBD is great for topical use, but the benefits aren't limited to hair and skin. CBD oil can be used as a healthy, natural alternative to ibuprofen (your liver will thank you) as well as treatment for anxiety, stress, or muscle pain. cbd oil for sensitive skin

Why is CBD the holy grail for anti-anxiety and pain? CBD oil works directly with your body's cannabinoid receptors which make up the endocannabinoid system (ECS, for short) in the central nervous system. The ECS is a huge network of cell proteins that control everything in the human body including bone development, mood, memory, sleep, reproduction and motor control. This system is responsible for penetrating the body to brain barrier, so can help to relieve your mind AND body from stress at the same time. CBD Daily's Soothing Serum Rollerball is great to keep in your purse for quick relief, basically it's duct tape for your body. CBD is proving to be so incredibly versatile in the world of wellness. It's plant-based, vegan and the CBD Daily brand is leaping bunny certified. Be good to the environment, be good to your body-watch your world transform.



Posted by Liz Venuto



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