Feel the Love With These 8 Great Galentine Gift Ideas


It's that time of year again, gals. No, we're not talking about tax season! Valentine's Day is fast upon us, and rather than waiting for a shot to the heart by some too-late, cherubic archer, why not take bow and arrow into your own hands by treating your gal pals to an amorous return with zero deductions? Feel the love with these 8 great Galentine gift ideas that are sure to get you a seat at the table as both girlfie and gifter du jour.


Put your feet up and unwind double-time with a pedi date built for two! Treat your sidekick to side-by-side tootsie therapy while you squabble over where to get dinner after.

Any cat lover, fiery Leo, or culinarian can enjoy some kitchen whatchamacallits fashioned to resemble felines and make mealtime afait accompli. Grating, grinding, and uncorking never looked so good!

Kiss, kiss, Sugarlips. There aren't many woes a box of candy can't cure, and Sugarfina delivers on this promise of sugar-coated smackers for goodness' and sweetness' sakes.

Get to glowing with the pinky-plush embossed allure that is Voluspa's scent-plus-ambiance candle prowess. Maximum mood-setting is one flick of a matchstick away.

When words fail, trust in the binary code of love to ring in the new day. "X" and "O" pack a heady punch of affection plus some surprisingly arcane origins!


Gather 'round, bookworms—these aren't your regular romances. This gathering of Galentine's Day reading material is some rebel-rousing real talk for dolls, minxes, and broads blissed out on new-found or hard-won empowerment. With titles like
Womanskills and Bad Girls Throughout History with a side of "mind-blowing" sex trivia, all facets of femininity are rounded out with precision and wit in this collection of compendia.


The elegance and gilded whimsy of Papaya Art is pretty much unparalleled. With utterly spellbinding graphics adorning their journals and accessory pouches, you can't help but treat each as your life's holy keepers, for thoughts sacred and belongings dear.



For a luxuriant soak at the day's close, Purring Buddha bombs are a bathtime must-have. Artisan-crafted and eco-friendly, they are bursting with exotic aromas and sumptuousness worthy of—and sure to get you into—any Galentine's good graces!

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