Here's The Best Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes (Of Every Shade)

eye shadow for brown eyes

Over half of the world’s population is sporting brown eyes…and we consider these to be the lucky ones. The reason, you ask? The plain jane truth of it is that brown eyes simply have some of the most fun and versatile options when it comes to selecting which eye shadow to use - they seem to look good with everything. There are a few select colors, however, that seem to make brown eyes really pop - and we’re guessing you want to know what those are. Because one should always consider adding more color to one’s life, here is our selection of very best eye shadow for brown eyes.

Purple Shades

If you want to know our real opinion, purple looks stellar on pretty much anyone. The reason why it rocks so hard for brown eyes is because of their opposite nature on the color wheel - so it makes eyes really pop. Violets or purples with more a blue-ish hue tend to contrast well against the warmth of the brown. Which brings us to…

Blue Shades

You knew this was coming. Blue eyed babes can consider themselves super jealous that blue shadow and liner just won’t look the same in comparison to the boldness of these two clashing colors. Any shade will do, really - teal, royal, navy, it’s all fair game for a bright touch to your daily makeup.

Coppery or Bronzey Shades

Again, this shade is pretty versatile across the board, but it can add a gorgeous, sultry effect to brown eyes really deepen and enhance them. A smudged dark bronze across the lid can add a new degree of warmth to a look when you aren’t feeling the bolder blue or purple shades. Let’s put the term Bronze Goddess to shame, shall we?

Green Shades

Everyone knows that green makes tan, olive and darker skinned babes look positively radiant - same goes for eye shadow. There’s something about a deep forest or a bright lime green on a pair of brown eyes that can’t be ignored, and it’s a color combo that has our full support.

Metallic Gold Shades

Especially if you’ve got lighter shades of brown such as hazel, gold metallic shadow is going to bring that extra shimmer out of your eyes and create an absolutely stunning look. No one will be able to look away from that solid gold stare of yours.

Color your eyes, color your life - shop eye shadow here. 

Posted by Sadie Upwall

Project Manager and Editor for the best little beauty business in town.



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