Here's Why You Need Face Oil - Even If You Have Oily Skin

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The words “face oil” can have a very negative connotation for a lot of people, and we understand why – if you’re prone to breakouts, the last thing you want is more oil. Contrary to popular belief, face oil is hugely beneficial when applied correctly and in the right quantity. Not only does it provide hydration, but it also infuses the skin with the vitamins and nutrients it craves to stay healthy (Vitamins A, C & E, to be exact). Top that off with reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and creating a more even skintone, and you’ve got yourself a killer essential skincare product.

There are a few methods to getting the most out of your face oil, and it all depends on you. Grab a bottle of your favorite (ours is the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil - seriously, we're obsessed), and don’t forget to read through the directions for your specific skin type.

If you have dry skin…

Do: Before you go to bed, add 4-6 drops of the oil to your moisturizer, and apply to your face and neck.

Don’t: Use directly on your skin underneath your moisturizer, or in place of a moisturizer. Your skin needs both water and oil; applying prior to moisturizer prevents the skin from absorbing the beneficial ingredients, and solely applying oil only gives you 50% of what you need.

If you have normal skin…

Do: Apply only 2-3 drops to your moisturizer, as any more can be excessive for non-dry skin.

Don’t: Same advice for those who have dry skin – don’t apply oil prior to moisturizer, or in replacement of a moisturizer. If you notice that your skin starts to break out a bit more than usual, apply only when your skin has been exposed to harsh winds and cold temperatures.

If you have oily, combination or blemish prone skin…

Do: Follow your skincare routine suggested for your specific skin type first. Generally if you have oily or acne-prone skin, your moisturizer is going to be oil-free. You’ll want to let that absorb prior to applying any oil so you don’t clog your pores. Add only 1-3 drops of oil and massage gently into your skin. If you live in a dry climate or if your skin is feeling tight and dry, oil can be hugely beneficial, as dryness can further breakouts and oil production.

Don’t: Mix with your moisturizer, or apply in replacement of a moisturizer. Oily skin generally needs more water, and too much oil can breed bacteria, which leads to breakouts. If you find that your skin is reacting poorly to a face oil, discontinue using it.

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