How I completely transformed my dull, tired skin in 6 weeks.

BeforeAfterThe things I have subjected my skin to over the years are cringe worthy to any skincare junkie. I've laid out in the sun, pulled all nighters, skipped my SPF, and slept in my makeup. Some of these things I've even done in the same day (sorry guys but I'm being honest here). With my 30s creeping in disturbingly fast, I've finally decided to take my skin care seriously and take some preventative measures, my future self will thank me, right? I was also interested in seeing if these skincare routines and mask trends were actually worth the hype or if it was all youtube fluff from sponsored beauty gurus. I picked up a skin brightening mask treatment called Glamglow Flashmud. So does it actually make a difference, even with all this damage? If you're interested in my results, stay tuned.

Before I even start describing my experience with this product, I'll let the before and after speak for itself. The photo on the right is moments before I started the Glamglow Flashmud Treatment, no makeup, 9pm, pajama clad with my freckles, under-eye bags and all. The photo on the left is 6 weeks later after I completed the recommended treatment plan (mask every night for 1 week, then a couple times a week until the pot is empty), no makeup, no photoshop, straight from my iphone camera. HOLY. COW. I am such a skeptic for beauty products with a higher ticket price and usually roll my eyes at grandiose promises, especially when it comes to skincare but this mask has turned me into a believer.



Using a brightening treatment isn't a one-stop shop for your skincare though. The rest of your regimen is equally important and should be continued in addition to using masks like this, think of it as a little boost for your routine, not a replacement.

Keep in mind with brightening treatments: SPF is KEY! Not only can a day in the sun un-do your skin brightening regimen, skin brightening also hinders the production of melanin which can make you more susceptible to skin cancer or skin damage. I love anything by Supergoop, my go-to for sun protection. Make sure you exfoliate, you want to get these ingredients to penetrate the skin to see the full effects. The nice thing about the Flashmud treatment is that when you rinse it off, the seaweed gently exfoliates the skin, so you're getting 2 skincare treatments in 1!


Posted by Liz Venuto



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