How To Feel Sexy As a Busy Mom


There's nothing quite as beautiful as a woman who feels beautiful in her own skin - and nobody knows this more than the astounding Rhiannon Lawrence, resident life coach and proponent of self love. Rhi is no stranger to feeling discomfort in her own skin and trying to navigate the waters of obligation to family life while finding time for herself. If we may say so, she's totally rocking it and is setting a stellar example for women everywhere. We asked if she'd share a few of her experiences and secrets on how to feel sexy as a busy mom, so we can share with you how to find your own inner bliss.

"Picture this: Me running late to drive my daughter to school. I’ve got my slippers on, wearing yesterday’s yoga pants, hair in a three-day old top knot (don’t worry, I’ve abused dry shampoo for about 5 days longer than advised, smell isn’t too bad). Sounds super sexy, right? Motherhood…oozing with sexiness and pleasure!

As a busy mom of 4, I know how motherhood can sometimes be, unsexy job. Basically, I’m just a regular mom who has a few tricks about how to juice up my days and squeeze out every extra ounce of pleasure possible!

When my now 8-year old daughter was a toddler, I often found myself overwhelmed. Some days I considered it a win that I kept everyone alive. It can be hard to #momsohard. It can be also hard to #womansohard. I am a coach and decided to do an experiment. As a then overtired, over-extended, often depleted mom of little people, how could I find pleasure and self-care? I found gold. I came up with my magic three rule. Here it is:

Do a minimum of 3 things purely for your pleasure every single day

Make these conscious choices. A big part of what is pleasurable in your body is how you view it. When my girls were toddlers, my 3 pleasure practices for one day might be: going to the bathroom alone, a shower, and a workout. What I noticed when I consciously chose those things to be for my pleasure, I was feeling my needs met and feeling my emotional/self-care/self-love cup fill more easily. I was then able to give to my family/marriage/clients, because I wasn’t depleted. Now that my girls are older I find it easier to schedule and prioritize more self-care. I take weekly dance classes, do yoga and coffee with a girlfriend every Tuesday, go to the spa, and plan more time in nature. These are things that bring me pleasure and connect me to my body.

Take a few moments and make a list of things that bring you pleasure. My definition of pleasure is simple: IT FEELS GOOD IN YOUR BODY. Need some help? Maybe you’re so pleasure starved that making a list feels, well, un-pleasurable. Don’t fret, I’ll jump start you!

  • Turn on some tunes and shake your booty! My daughters and I are into Katy Perry’s new song, Chained to the Rhythm!
  • Take your sweet self outside and feel that sunshine! Walk and breathe in nature for 10 minutes!
  • Ever read a poem that makes you weak in the knees? Find one. Read it. Go weak.
  • Call your bestie and tell them 3 reasons you’re grateful for them.
  • Never underestimate the power of lip gloss or the perfect red lipstick.
  • Treat your tootsies to a pedi at Got Beauty. So so good.
  • Watch a funny cat clip on YouTube. Works every time.
  • Savor a piece of really good dark chocolate
  • Take a bath (without kids or kid toys!)

I personally believe your relationship with your body is a reflection of your relationship with everything else in your life. I teach women to transform their relationship to their body and life through the daily practice of pleasure.

Pleasure is vital for women. Wanna feel sexier? Find your pleasure. A woman enjoying being herself is magnetic. Sexy doesn’t come in one size, shape, or age. Sexy is a women who enjoys being herself. Find your pleasure and you’ll find your sexy. Promise."

Rhiannon teaches movement workshops, offers empowerment and life coaching, and shares all kinds of fun on her free Facebook group, The Self-Love Soiree. To find out more about her workshops and one-on-one coaching, check out her website here.

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