How To Get Rid Of A Hangover Super Fast (And Look Fabulous To Boot)

We all know it's coming: the dreaded New Year's Eve hangover that seeps well into New Year's Day. Its effects are strong, potent, and more often than not giantly inconvenient - after all, some of us have family parties to go to the following day. Even if you're not bound to be the victim of one too many glasses of champagne, odds are if you're reading this, you're interested in bypassing all the negative side effects. Here's how to get rid of a hangover super fast...AND prevent one from happening in the first place.


Give charcoal tablets a try.

If you haven't heard of charcoal tablets, prepare to revolutionize your wild nights. When you consume a charcoal tablet, the toxins and chemicals in your body attach themselves to the exterior of the charcoal, and are then carried safely out the body. Therefore, it won't make you less tipsy, but it will get the bad stuff out of your system more quickly. Some people take one per hour, but you can probably get away with one or two during the course of the night. If you forget, popping one in the morning will do the trick, too.


Avoid sugary drinks.

Sugar and alcohol are both processed by the liver, so when you drink sugary beverages, it stays in your system twice as long. The more sugar your body intakes, the longer it will take to break down the most toxic byproducts from ethanol - causing dehydration and ultimately a worse hangover.


Step away from the whiskey.

Ever heard of congeners? They're the particulates in your drink that determine the color which emphasize the symptoms associated with hangovers. Generally speaking, darker beverages have more congeners (red wine, whiskey, dark rum, etc.)  - so you're better off with lighter spirits such as vodka, gin, or light rum.


Hydrate hydrate hydrate.

We don't really need to go into much detail on this one, do we? Down as much water as you can between drinks, and even more the morning after.


Wash your face before bed.

No excuses, lovelies - a hangover is only going to be exacerbated if you let last night's makeup sit on your face while you slept. Do you really need a zit on top of that pounding headache? I don't think so.


Restock on your vitamins.

Your body was stripped of a few essential nutrients the second you took your first sip, so it's important to restock so you can feel like a fully functional human again. Take a multivitamin alongside a big healthy breakfast to get your body back into tip top shape (NO greasy food!).


Get rid of those red eyes.

It doesn't matter how put together your outfit is if your eyes are totally bloodshot. Add a few eye drops to reduce any redness and nip suspicion in the bud.

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Load up on electrolytes.

Your body can't fully hydrate without the help of electrolytes (ESPECIALLY after drinking), so make sure you sip on some Gatorade or - even better - coconut water. Eat a banana while you're at it.


Take a hot shower.

Sweating out the toxins is one of the best ways to look, smell AND feel better after a wild evening. Besides, who wants to be around someone who has the night before lingering on them?


If need be, pop some Ibuprofen.

Sometimes a headache is inevitable - that's why you should take your ibuprofen ASAP if you feel one coming on. Once the headache sets in, all other hangover symptoms are amplified tenfold...yuck. Ibuprofen is also preferable to anything with acetaminophen, which is going to be hard on your already suffering liver.


Tame those tresses.

Disheveled hair is going to raise some eyebrows at that freakishly early lunch you have planned with mom and dad. If you don't plan on washing your hair in your super hot shower, make sure to run a brush through to tame it a bit. If attending a casual enough event, throw on a cute hat.


Apply an eye mask.

Puffy eyes are a dead giveaway of a hangover. An anti-inflammatory eye mask will reduce swelling and infuse your skin with much needed vitamins in a jiffy if you've got yourself looking like Steve Buscemi (love you, Steve).


Replenish your skin's nutrients.

Particularly gnarly hangovers can end up making the skin look sallow or pale, which is the LAST thing you need. Apart from restocking on essential vitamins and hydrating, applying a mask or face oil directly to your skin can make all the difference to your appearance.


If all else fails...denial.

You know that good ole saying, "Fake it till you make it"? If you believe you're not gonna make it through that hangover, odds are you probably won't. Now get up, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together!

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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