How To Heal A Sunburn ASAP

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With summer slowly dwindling away, it's pertinent to keep your skin in tip top shape to maximize on all remaining sunny day activities. So what do you do if you've accidentally fried yourself into a human mozarella stick? Try not to worry, because while the sun's sting may still be fresh, there are ways to treat your burn so that it becomes barely noticeable (rather than all-encompassing). Here's how to heal a sunburn ASAP so you can get back in that pool.


First things first - if you have blisters (or worse), see a doctor.

Leaving blisters untreated could lead to bursting, worsened pain, or even infection. Not even worth it, folks - let the doctors handle those.

Take a cool shower or bath (depending on severity of burn).

There are those that would swear by a hot shower to lessen the sting of a burn (this blogger is one of them, TBH). However, many other sources advise against this, as it has the potential to make it worse. Lowering your body temperature is important, so we recommend keeping it cool.

Aloe vera, always and forever.

If you can snag the actual plant, you're golden. Otherwise, a lotion or gel from the store will work just fine. Make sure it's dye and fragrance free to reduce any irritation from unknown added ingredients.

Give your skin plenty of antioxidants.

There are many ailments that can be bettered through giving your body the right vitamins to repair itself, and a sunburn happens to be one of them. Antioxidants protect you from free radical-induced inflammation, and will help lessen the damage.

Apply Miracle Oil to your lotion.

Remember that time we mentioned that Miracle Oil heals everything? Guess what else it helps with?

Wear loose, cotton clothing over burned areas.

There's nothing worse than scratchy fabric irritating an already upset sunburn.

Reduce inflammation naturally.

There are a number of ways to reduce inflammation without popping any pain relievers; turmeric (either ingested or on the skin), chamomile tea, chamomile tea bags applied to the burn, fish oil, etc.

Hydrate with cold ice water.

Again, lowering your body temperature is going to bring your body back to its happy, natural state.

If you're still in pain, try taking Advil, Aleve or another anti-inflammatory.

Sometimes, a topical just doesn't do the trick - if you plan on taking an over the counter pain relieving medication, opt for something with anti-inflammatory properties. 

Don't scrub or pick once skin starts to peel.

We know, we's so tempting to want to peel off the dead skin once it starts the process. However, this creates a possibility of exposing raw skin, which might as well be a sunburn. 

Last but most obv...don't forget sunscreen next time.

If getting burnt to a crisp didn't teach you about the importance of sunscreen, then maybe this advice will fall on deaf ears - but don't be that person. If you're going out into the sun...wear sunscreen!

Learned your lesson? Pick up some sunscreen here. 

Posted by Sadie Upwall

Project Manager and Editor for the best little beauty business in town.



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