How To Recover From A Bad Cry


We have no doubts you're 100% justified in your bad cry - EVERYONE needs to let it out once in a while (obviously Kim K. agrees, have you seen her "ugly cry" compilation video?). Believe it or not, crying has a ton of health benefits that will literally bring you closer to a sense of calm almost immediately. The downside of this natural sedation? The messy aftermath. Runny mascara, puffy eyes, all the physical indicators that a few moments ago, you were definitely not okay. When trying to maintain composure, say, at work, this can become something of an issue. Consider this our response to your SOS - an easy rescue guide that will spare you the "I've got allergies" spiel.

1. Invest in some waterproof mascara to keep on you at all times.
No explanation necessary. If you have puffy eyes in general, you might be interested in the Dermalogica Total Eye Care, which acts as both an under eye concealer AND puffiness minimizer.

2. If you feel a cry coming on, excuse yourself to the baño. Stat.
If there's one thing that's NOT going to help the onslaught of tears is trying to hold them back. If possible, get yourself to a quiet, safe location so you can really let it out.

3. Remember to breathe.
Splotchiness and redness are going to be much worse if you don't breathe enough during your cry. Take deep even breaths through your mouth (in case your nose is stuffy), three seconds in and three seconds out. This will help calm you down and get oxygen flowing to your noggin.

4. Once you're done, blow your nose carefully (don't rub!).
Again, just let it all out - but don't rub too aggressively, or your nose will be very red.

5. Dab your eyes daintily with a folded piece of toilet paper.
DO NOT RUB. Rubbing will smear your makeup and ultimately increase cry cleanup. If you've got mascara streaks, try to dab as best you can without getting it to spread onto your cheeks.

Get free shipping if you're a Utah local.

6. If you're wearing makeup, DON'T splash water on your face - try this instead.
Let cold water run on your fingers for a moment, then gently pat underneath your eyes where it's puffy. This will cool you down and constrict blood vessels that cause swelling.

7. DO NOT powder your nose.
It will be tempting, but you must resist. If there is redness, it will go away in a moment - trying to cover it up will only make it obvious you're trying to hide something.

8. Now's the time to apply that waterproof mascara and Total Eye Care we were talking about.
These puppies will get rid of any proof of puff, for reals.

9. Flip your head upside down and shake shake shake.
If your hair has a little bit of tousled volume, you'll go from hot mess to windblown and carefree (having a travel size dry shampoo in your purse will make a world of difference with this one_.

10. As you're re-entering a room full of people, whip out your best possible fake sneeze.
Guess what? Everyone will think your eyes are red and watery because you just had a sneeze attack.

11. When you get home, try out a natural mask to prevent any onset of extra puff.
We're huge fans of the Tony Moly I'm Real Mask Sheets (they're all natural, infused with tons of vitamins/nutrients, and are super effective).



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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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