How To Take Care Of Your Lips


Our lips are a hard-working duo determined to facilitate, personalize and embellish your all time favorite activities. Most of all, they represent expression in such an integral way that we simply would not be who we are without their subtlety; whether it be that slight curvature of a smile when we see a clever meme, that quivering lower lip when you’re about to burst into tears, that pout when your friends want to go to that restaurant they KNOW you hate. We don’t give enough credit to these beauties, and often even forget to take care of them in the way we should. To preserve that kick ass smile for years to come, here are a few ways on how to take care of your lips - so that they stay smooth and sultry as ever.

Most importantly - exfoliate.

First things first - if you haven't been exfoliating your lips this entire time, pucker up and prepare for a brand new world of softness. Like the rest of your body, your lips require cell turnover to be at their very best. They are sensitive, so make sure to be gentle when using your lip scrub or toothbrush each morning.

Next, make sure you condition.

You can either use vaseline, a lip balm, or a lip moisturizer - anything that isn't going to be harmful (we've heard some crazy rumors about what Margot Robbie puts on her lips). If you want to go with something a little more intuitive, we recommend Burt's Bees (always and forever). 

Drink plenty of water.

You know that awful feeling when your lips start to get crusty after not drinking any water all day? Let's avoid that, shall we?

Check the label of your lip balm.

Unfortunately, a great deal of lip balms out there contain ingredients with potentially harmful properties such as the preservative methylparaben and tocopheryl acetate, which cause irritation to the skin and ultimately dries it out. Lip balms with humectants such as hyaluronic acid actually make the lips more dry.

Treat your lips well - shop lip care here. 

Put out that cigarette. 

As if you needed another reason - cigarettes dry out your lips significantly and add discoloration, not to mention an odor that doesn't easily go away. 

Stop licking your lips.

When you are constantly licking your lips, you're actually stripping them of the protective barrier due to the digestive enzymes from your saliva. Swap it out for a decent lip balm instead. 

Your lips need sun protection, too!

Always apply SPF in the form of a lip balm or moisturizer when you're going ot be out in the sun. Anyone who's ever experienced sunburnt lips would be hardpressed not to take that precaution, as it can be extremely uncomfortable. 

Avoid using matte lipstick excessively.

While matte lips might look completely babe-a-licious, using matte lipstick regularly can be extremely drying (which is actually why it's able to stay on so long). Opt for using lip balm underneath your lipstick or using a moisturizing lipstick instead. 

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

Project Manager and Editor for the best little beauty business in town.



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