How To Use A Round Brush When Blow Drying Your Hair



Confession time: I’ve gotten my hair in a tangled mess with a round brush more often than I’ve been able to actually use it properly. The good news for me is that I’m not the first to encounter this problem…the bad news is that I’m not the first to encounter this problem. There’s a method to the madness that doesn’t involve cutting a round brush out of your hair, and it is actually a pretty great one that leads to full, voluminous hair. Straight from the experts, here’s how to use a round brush when blow drying you’re hair - the RIGHT way. 


Wait until your hair is at least 80% dry.

It’s not going to do any good if your hair is still wet, as it won’t hold any style. On top of that, it can cause breakage and prevent an even distribution of sebum. 


Use a non-metal brush.

Metal brushes have a tendency to heat up too fast and burning the hair - not good. Generally, you’ll want a mix of nylon and boar bristles, as they are more gentle. Just be sure to use styling products before and after to help manage frizz.


Put your nozzle on the blow dryer. 

Heard of “directional drying”? Turns out it’s super important for getting the style you want. Aiming the air where you want it to go ensures that your hair is going where you want it to go. 


Work in small sections. 

You might think you’re saving time by using larger sections when blow drying, but the truth is, you’re actually making it harder to style your hair. Smaller sections ensures that each part of your hair is not only falling in the right direction and style, but that you aren’t over-heating any sections while trying to get others to dry. 


Switch up the brush angle.

If you’re always holding your blow dryer and brush in the wrong direction, your hair will all be falling in that direction - which looks unnatural and wonky. Instead, hold your brush vertically and your blow dryer horizontally while blowing your hair back instead of forward. It’s the same with a curling iron; you want to keep it vertical but wrap it horizontally if you want to create a better wave.  


Switch up the blow dryer setting.

High heat and high air may be tempting, but that’s a one way trip to a frizzy mess. Make sure to turn the settings down around your hairline, which is where the hair is most delicate. Also, if you blast your newly finished section with a shot of cool air, it will help to fold the shape and prevent frizz even further (hot air shapes the style, cool air sets it).

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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