Last Minute Girl Gift Ideas (For When You're SO Over Shopping)


If you're already finished with your holiday shopping, you magical early bird, our hats are off to you - we wish we could emulate your ways. For the rest of us who can't seem to wrap our heads around even stepping foot into a department store, we know - the anxiety is real. When it comes to shopping for a special lady in your life (girlfriend, BFF, you name it), that anxiety is tripled, because the very last thing you want to do is disappoint your best girl. To make crossing off your list as quick and painless as possible, here are a few last minute girl gift ideas for when you're maxed out on your girly shopping energy.

Bling Sting

No girl should be without a way to protect herself should a night on the town go awry. The Bling Stings are the perfect glitz pepper sprays that will fit in your purse, keychain, you name it.

Box Signs

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we just aren't the best at saying what needs to be said. That's where box signs come in...straight from professionals who are paid to get the point across.


Funny Flasks

For the girl who loves to have a good time, you really can't go wrong with a hilariously cute flask. Did you know there are even fake canteen flasks so you don't have to carry it around? Pretty clever.

A Little Bit Of Bling

Jewelry isn't just for the girly girls - everyone loves to adorn themselves in one way or another. Some prefer the funny necklaces, others prefer a giant pair of gold hoops, while may just want something to keep their rings organized

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ANYTHING From Philosophy

Haven't you heard of Philosophy? We may have just solved all your holiday problems right here and how. This brand has everything a girl's heart desires, from body shimmer to fragrances to lotion to lip gloss. Surely you'll find someone for her here.

A Way To Organize Her Thoughts

We're talking journals, of course. Speaking as a girly girl who loves to write, this blogger has never been disappointed to receive a journal as a gift.


Polish In Her Favorite Shades

As the saying goes, a girly girl can never have too much bling for her nails, and that includes brand spanking new nail polish from OPI, Color Club, and Vinylux.

Bubbly (No, Not THAT Kind)

Bubble baths are seriously a piece of heaven during the holidays when everyone is trying to get their ducks in a row. Pair a Lollia bubble bath with an ACTUAL bottle of her favorite bubbly (Wine? Champagne? Hot Cocoa even?) and you're her new favorite person.


And If You're REALLY In Doubt And/Or Trouble...

Just get her a Hobo wallet. ALL girls love Hobo wallets.

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