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As women, many of us are natural caregivers, exuding love and energy to those that surround us. Be honest for a sec: when was the last time you took time to honor yourself through a little self care? For many, it can begin on the outside - but the benefits can be way more than skin deep. Feeling good on the outside and caring for the health and beauty of our natural bodies means we are able to love those around us more genuinely. Bath bombs and soaks are all the rage, but sometimes you need something a little more intimate...which brings us to the luscious feminine skincare line, Rosebud Woman.

While there are countless facial and body skincare products, few of them are actually suitable for female skincare (and by female, we are specifically referring to the vagina and its surrounding area). Too often, there are harsh ingredients that cause irritation and skin issues, completely changing the term from skin care to skin havoc. One of the reasons we love Rosebud is because of their plant derived ingredients. "Nothing without purpose" is their motto, and therefore, each product in the line is vegan and cruelty free. With a catalogue of products suitable for any and all intimate care concerns, these items are a wonderful way to indulge your awesome creative vessel you reside in as a woman-no matter your age or skin type.

No matter your age or skin type, Rosebud gives women the space to care for and worship the beauty of their bodies. Here are a few of our favorites and how they can suit your lady needs.

Rosebud Woman Honor Everyday Balm

If you are new to natural personal care products, Honor Everyday Balm is a good place to start. As the best selling item in the Rosebud family, it aids in suppleness and repairs pre and post-natal skin. The native plant ingredients work overnight, so this makes a lovely addition to your night stand. Indulge in your daily love affirmation ritual by massaging this anywhere you see fit. 

Rosebud Woman Refresh Cleansing Spray

Refresh Cleansing Spray cleanses, tones and cools without ingredients or soaps that interfere with your pH balance. This piece is perfect for your gym bag or on-the-go in the summer months. Use her anytime you need to freshen up or feel a little sweaty or overheated.

Rosebud Woman Soothe Calming Cream

You'd be hard-pressed not to find a gal who has experienced a little irritation or unhappy skin in *that* region. This soothing cream is a serious game changer for those who are overheated, experiencing discomfort from sex or exercise, or if you need a little extra hydration. Its blend of chamomile and VItamin E help soothe your skin while giving it the proper nutrients to get back to homeostasis. This product is also great for soothing skin after waxing! 

Rosebud Woman Arouse Stimulating Serum

This product is simply delightful - literally. Its aphrodisiacal ingredients give you a little extra plump stimulation so that your girl parts are ready to go when YOU say so. We recommend using on your lips (the ones on your mouth) first to test how you react, and apply as needed for moisture and lubrication. You can use this for pure enjoyment or for intercourse, however you find your pleasure.

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