Our WORST Beauty Mistakes (Straight From the Mouths of the Pros)


Remember that time you thought lots and LOTS of blue eye shadow was a really good idea for a solid year? Or the time you got an eye infection from sharing your mascara with that friend in 10th grade? What about - gasp - those bangs? Don't worry, we've ALL made mistakes, especially the pros in the business. A few Got Beauty Girls have taken the liberty of sharing their worst beauty mistakes so YOU don't have to make them. We promise, some of these are going to make you feel a whole lot better.

“I always had virgin hair and never did anything to it. When I went to hair school, as many stylists do, I dyed it blonde. The great thing about hair school is that it’s not financially a big deal to dye your hair regularly, so I ended up re-doing it quite a lot. When I got out, I decided to dye it back to brown. About a week later, I changed my mind and wanted to dye it purple. When I bleached it, most of my hair literally broke off from all the chemical damage…which is why I had a pixie cut when I started at Got Beauty.” - Raquel, GBG

“Oh man, there have been a few, that’s for sure. One I’ve definitely been guilty of is putting on too much heavy duty bronzer, another is wearing too heavy of eyeliner. However, my biggest regret would have to be the time I got a perm; what I had hoped would be a nice curl with body wave turned out to be more of a poodle.” - Michelle S., GBG

“One time, I went and got a spray tan while I was living in Colorado, and asked to be really dark. A little TOO dark. As in orange. The girl doing my spray tan was a little inexperienced and didn’t ask me to bend over so she could get underneath my boobs, which are a bit bigger. This means when I went on vacation and put my swimsuit on, I had giant white smiley lines underneath my boobs that were eight shades lighter than my tan. My boyfriend at the time would not stop laughing at me.” - Alisia, GB Stylist

“I made the mistake of trying out a high intensity detox masque the night before a big event, and I ended up getting a TERRIBLE breakout. That stuff is supposed to purge your skin, so be warned!” - Karina, Head of Receiving

“I had Sonic the hedgehog hair in 8th grade. It was white, and I had spikes coming out on the sides of my pixie cut. It was pretty bad.” - Kaycee, GBG

“Always ALWAYS test out a new product on a small patch of skin prior to using, or you might end up in the hot springs with your friends and have to try and cover up a crazy rash on your chest with your hair (like me).” - Jenevieve, GB Director of Marketing

“When I first started college in California, I didn't know where to get a good brazilian, and ended up trying out a cheaper salon. Yes, the service was cheaper - because they strictly used soft wax. It literally ripped tiny bits of my skin off, and left some pretty gnarly scabs. The esthetician told me it was normal, and I actually continued going to her a few more times. It wasn’t until I went to a different salon that I learned that scabs are absolutely not normal, and far from okay. I shudder just thinking about it.” - Sadie, GB Director of Social Media

“Don’t over-draw your eyebrows like I did by making them too intense or bold for your face. There are old photos of me that make me cringe every time for that very reason.” - Annie, GB Nail Tech

“I once used a facial hair removing cream when I was a teenager, and it literally burned my face. I still have a small scar to this day.” - Jenni, Director of Operations

“Wearing extra dark eyebrows was a bad one for me…and the vermilion lipliner phase. We’ve all been there, am I right, ladies?” - Tori, GB MUA

“When I was in hair school, I wanted to have Cyndi Lauper hair (which at the time was bright orange and curly). No one would do it for me, so I ended up doing it myself using straight bleach. It was orange all right - not a good orange. I then made the mistake of getting a perm after, which left me with short, broken and super curly orange hair. I did NOT look like Cyndi Lauper.” - Tammy, Got Beauty Boss

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

Project Manager and Editor for the best little beauty business in town.



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