Picking The Best Travel Hair Dryer For Any Getaway


Beauty on the fly is an entire art form that often takes years to perfect. If we had to pick the top concern for those looking to stay glam on a trip, we’d say it’s most definitely the dreaded but necessary conundrum: to bring a hair dryer or to leave it at home. There are a number of different factors coming into play that will determine the compatibility of your hair dryer with your selected vacation - do you know which questions to ask to get the most of out of your trip? If not, it might be a good idea to take a peek at the following variables to facilitate picking the best travel hair dryer for any getaway.


Your Hair Type

Are you the type of person who can get away with air drying? Going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing - therefore, it might be a nice time to take a break from heat styling. Should you be one of many individuals who can’t really get away without a hair dryer, you may want to prioritize bringing one.


Electrical Settings

Simply put, your current hair dryer may not be compatible with the electrical outlets in other countries. You will either need a travel blow dryer or one with adapters. If you have a little bit of extra cash, you may want to consider simply buying a small hair dryer when you arrive to your destination (depending on your length of stay).


Type of Accommodation

Most half decent hotels make an effort to provide a blow dryer for their guests. Other most cost-effective options such as a hostel or AirBnB are less likely to offer as many perks. It never hurts to contact your host or hotel website to see what’s included in your stay - you may be able to save yourself a bit of suitcase space.


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Luggage Type

Regardless of your luggage or brand, your hair dryer is going to take up at least a little bit of space. Should you find yourself in one place for an extended period of time, bringing a hair dryer is not out of the question. However, if you’re embarking on a backpacking trip across Europe, you may want to consider styling your hair without heat to save on some more important essentials.


Destination Weather

Planning on staying somewhere cold? A hair dryer might be a saving grace for you - after all, being stuck in the snow with wet hair is going to make you absolutely miserable. If you find yourself in a warmer beach climate, odds are wet hair is going to even cool you down a bit. Beach hair also happens to be super compatible with messy, undone, non-blow dried looks.


Type of Hair Dryer

Alright, let's say you decide to bring a hair dryer with you on your vacation. If we're being realistic, it's a little nuts to bring anything other than a travel size hair dryer, otherwise it's just too much space. In our opinion, the Babyliss Nano Titanium Bambino Travel Dryer (the best dual voltage travel hair dryer, in our opinion). It has the least amount of chance of fizzling if the Watt conversion isn't correct, and it works with most any adapter or converter.


Whatever you do - don't forget to stock up on your fav heat protection spray.

Posted by Sadie Upwall

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