Stop Guessing - Here's What Type of Curly Hair You Have

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Yes, curls are nothing new. In fact, taming the curl has been an ancient struggle since the dawn of hair care. Identifying the type of curl bestowed on your crown? Now that's a different story. The geniuses behind Bumble & bumble are not blind to this struggle, and have spent years working to create an innovative set of products that are sure to turn heads and make styling a breeze for any type of curl. Even if you're barely surfing waves, you're going to LOVE this line, especially due to the care they give to help you figure out which products your specific hair type needs. Read on to find out what type of curls you're rocking, and exactly how to make them as glam as possible. 

The Five Types of Curls

Not all curly hair is created equal, and the Bb.Curl addresses that fact perfectly. They've broken the spectrum down into five different types to make sure everyone gets what they need:


Different curls have different needs. For instance, tighter corkscrew curl girls are going to have a harder time getting moisture than a wavy haired individual. Each of the Bb.Curl products are catered to a specific type of curl to make styling a breeze - take a peek to see what yours are craving:

Bb.Curl Sulfate Free Shampoo
According to the experts, this is the most moisturizing Bumble shampoo to date. It's not too heavy, and helps prep your curls for completely frizz-free styles. That Sulfate Free bit means your hair will be less dry and damaged, too (a key feature for any curl product).
Made For: All curl types (and anyone looking for extra moisture).

Bb.Curl Custom Conditioner
This unique curl conditioner can be used in three different ways: you can either use it as a regular conditioner, as a leave-in, or as a moisturizing co-wash. If you have finer hair, we recommend co-washing every other wash - however if your hair is thick and coarse, you could easily get away with 3 or 4 in a row. 
Made For: All curl types (and anyone looking for extra moisture).

Bb.Curl Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer
One of the aspects we love most about this Primer is that it has a great styling factor built in, not just a leave-in. It detangles, moisturizes, and defines on day 1, and helps refresh old styles on day 2 and on. 
Made For: All curl types. 

Bb.Curl Defining Creme
If you're still attached to the original Curl Creme, have no fear - it's not going anywhere. They've simply removed that pesky transglutaminase and replaced it with their HydraSculpt Blend that - are you ready for this? - allow moisture AND a frizz-free hold to coexist. You can expect a refreshing new scent, more moisture and less creaminess in this update (we're not complaining). 
Made For: Wavy, spirals and ringlets.

Bb.Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil
This Gel-Oil is the lightest of the light, and uber moisturizing. In fact, it's so moisturizing and non-sticky that it can be used as a hand lotion. It's made to help loosen and lengthen wound up curls (careful, a little goes a long way). 
Made For: Like we said, this is best for tight curls (ringlets, coils and corkscrews).

Bb.Curl Conditioning Mousse
This bad boy is taking the place of the original Holding Foam, but don't mind if we say that it provides even more touchably soft, boisterous, crunch-free curls. It'll help you with hold, and even give you volume AND moisture. 
Made For: Waves, spirals and ringlets.

Styling Bonus: Check out this tutorial on how to style spirals to get a glimpse of just how well these products can complement your curls.

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