The 15 Minute Step-By-Step Post-Workout Beauty Guide


For those who find the time and energy to make it to the gym each morning, we salute you. We’re also going to safely assume that in doing so, you’ve worked up a decent sweat, and have encountered the woes that accompany getting ready at the gym right before going to work. It’s hard enough for some to fit going to the gym into a busy schedule, who wants to take another hour trying to get ready in the locker room? Get your super cute gym bags ready, beauties - this step-by-step post-gym beauty guide will take you from workout to work in 15 minutes or less, no sweat.

Gym Bag Essentials:

• Towel
Cleansing Wipes
Deodorant (obvi)
Facial cleanser
Dry shampoo
Spin pins
Mineral foundation(and a brush)
Setting Spray
Mascara (and an eyelash curler)
Lip Gloss
• Your favorite perfume

1. Address the sweat.

When you don't have time to shower, use a towel to gently pat off any sweat. Once you're dry, use the wipes to clean up any potentially stinky areas (you know what they are).

2. Apply deodorant, IMMEDIATELY.

This one is a no brainer, but definitely worth mentioning. Be careful of deodorant marks when getting dressed into your work clothes (if it happens, try the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Deodorant Removing Sponge - works like a charm).

3. Wash your face.

While you may be able to skip a shower, you can't skip this important step. Sweat accumulates on your face when you work out (if you're doing it correctly, that is), and therefore clogs your pores, which leads to acne. Cleanse right away and apply moisturizer so your makeup can apply smoothly. Most brands have a travel size of your favorite cleanser and moisturizer, make sure to grab one next time you're stocking up.

4. Get rid of greasy hair with dry shampoo.

Spray in as much dry shampoo as you need, let it sit for a minute, then shake or brush it out. Certain dry shampoos add volume and hold, so you end up getting better styles than you would with clean hair.

5. Use spin pins to obtain the perfect crease free bun.

OMG, you haven't heard of spin pins? You can get the most perfect ballerina bun imagineable with these little dudes. They're resuable, they stay in all day, and they don't create tension on your scalp. It literally takes 15 seconds to put them in - perfect when on the go after the gym.

6. Ye olde 30 second makeup routine.

Mascara and lip gloss, presto! Done. Seriously. If you're someone who feels naked without a little bit of coverage, try the Jane Iredale PurePressed Powder and D20 Hydration Setting Spray first (the powder even has SPF in it!).

7. Spritz on your favorite perfume...but use caution.

Remember, you really don't need more than two spritzes, and NEVER put it on before a workout. Everyone else in the gym will not be pleased if they can smell perfume from three treadmills over.



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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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