The Absolute Best White Elephant Gift Guide (For Any Crowd)


Brace yourselves, beauties - holiday parties are coming. This means that more than likely, a White Elephant fiesta is in your future. For the experienced gift giver, this isn't quite the formidable venture. As for the first timers, may be filled with a slight amount of panic at the thought of buying a white elephant gift that could possibly be appealing to everybody. Leave it to the pros to make a few recommendations with our white elephant gift guide so you're not scrambling from store to store an hour before the party.


Gifts To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Bubbles bubbles everywhere, and not a drop to one can truly say no to a bubble bath if the opportunity should present itself. So why not present it in the form of a White Elephant gift? Any of the lotions, fragrances and bubble baths from Lollia are fantastic options for a luxurious gift.



Gifts For Girls Who Run The World

The ladies who are always on the go often forget to take time to pamper themselves with things that could make their lives flow a little more seamlessly. If your White Elephant crowd is a power house of babes, you might find gifting solace in journals, coin purses, or a classic pink lip gloss




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Gifts For The Mustache Obsessed

It's scientifically proven that 99% of people enjoy having the option of sporting a temporary handlebar stache. Well...okay, maybe not that many, but when have you ever been to a party where someone was bummed to receive a fake mustache? We even threw in a couple gift ideas for those sporting real mustaches - you know, for your exclusive facial-hair-only parties.




Gifts That Could Reasonably Fly Anywhere

Name one human that wouldn't enjoy a ice cream sandwich in the form of a journal. We dare you. What about a gold little Buddha figurine that doubles as a ring holder and general decorative friendly face? These gifts are great for those parties where you're truly stumped and just aim to please - we think you'll get the results you wanted.




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