The Best Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

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The way of the sensitive skinned beauty is a highly delicate one - and often takes years of trial and error to master. For everyone facing this beauty battle, it’s most certainly caused feelings of frustration or distress at one point or another. The rumors in the skincare realm for these beauties have generally been that less is more - and in our experience, we find it to be true. Whether you're just starting out or are just looking to fine-tune your regimen, here are our recommendations for the best skincare routine for sensitive skin.



We know, makeup isn't generally considered part of a skincare routine - although we think it's important enough to mention. ALWAYS check and make sure your makeup doesn't contain anything that's going to cause irritation or an allergic reaction if that's something you're prone to. One of our favorites is Jane Iredale, a makeup brand known for being safety tested, allergy tested, clinically tested AND dermatologist tested.


Makeup Remover

It's doubly important for sensitive skinned babes to ensure that their makeup is completely taken off prior to applying anything to the face. We actually recommend using an eye makeup remover, as it's geared to do so in the gentlest way possible (anything intended to be near your eyes or babies are two surefire indicators that something is safe to use).



Again, gentle is the name of the game. You want your cleanser to have as few chemicals as possible - and do your best to steer clear of words like "active" or "treatment". These types of cleansers are likely to be more aggressive and break down your skin's natural barrier.



You'll want to be very, very careful when using exfoliants on sensitive skin - especially if you're using any sort of anti-aging or other treatment products. Since it's a necessary skincare staple, we suggest using one that's as calming and gentle as possible while still renewing your skin cells.



If you can find a toner aimed to calm down reactive skin while providing hydration, then you're on the right track.


Barrier Repair

One of our favorite products for sensitized skin is none other than theDermalogica Barrier Repair - a waterless and velvety moisturizer that minimizes itching and discomfort while repairing the skin's natural barrier to combat free radicals and inflammation. If your skin has been in contact with environmental damage such as windburn or a sunburn, this is a great topical to use.


Go easy on your skin - shop sensitive skin cleansers.


Face Oil

Again, be careful about which oils you decide to put on your face. Most of the time, if it's a nourishing oil, it's generally safe to put on your skin. One of our favorites is the Earthly Body Miracle Oil, which, by the way, can be used for pretty much any skin ailment.



Again, try to stay away from acne-treatment or anti-aging moisturizers if you're prone to aggravation. Stick to something as soothing as possible. If you can find one that's fragrance and color free, your skin is going to fully be able to reap the benefits without fighting irritation.



Does it have retinol in it? What about benzoyl peroxide? How about salicylic acid? It's like we said before - if it has a super active ingredient in the product, it's likely that your skin is not going to react well. Make sure to talk to an esthetician or skincare professional before applying any treatment to your skin if it doesn't have the words 'calming' or 'soothing' in it.



With sunscreen, try to opt for something with physical SPF protection rather than chemical. We recommend mixing the Dermalogica UltraCalming Super Sensitive Shield SPF30, which can be mixed with your regular moisturizer or even your foundation.

Heal your sensitized skin - get Dermalogica Barrier Repair here.

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