The Game Changing BB Cream For Acne Prone Skin


This week on Talk Beauty, Got Beauty Brand Ambassador and SLC Sweetheart Deena Marie shares her experience on her battle with acne - and how she's currently nipping it in the bud.

My journey to clear skin has been long and complicated. I never broke out as a teenager - so imagine my surprise when my skin started to freak out in my early twenties.

I bought over the counter products but never saw results. I tried various topicals and pills from the dermatologist, but nothing was strong enough. Eventually, I went on two rounds of Accutane, and it finally worked! I would deal with small breakouts from time to time, but nothing like the cystic acne I once suffered. A friend also recommended the book, “The Skin Type Solution” by dermatologist Leslie Baumann, and that’s when my skincare education really began. There is an amazing lengthy quiz inside that taught me what I should be using on my skin specifically. Turns out, many products I’d tried contained ingredients that I should have been staying away from.

Once you find your skin type, there are recommendations of the products you should use. That’s how I found a few things I’ve now been totally committed to for years, like my daily face lotion. It’s all about tailoring a plan to you. After Accutane, my dermatologist told me I needed to stay on the birth control pill to help maintain. That was fine, until two things happened: First, the pill began to give me debilitating migraines. Second, I eventually wanted to try to get pregnant.

With the pill no longer an option, I was dealing with annoying breakouts again. A new dermatologist prescribed two topicals I’d never been on before, acanya and adapalene. They were working wonders! The only downside was that as soon as I got pregnant, I’d have to go off. And guess what happened shortly after? Fast forward and here I am, six months pregnant. My hormones had a hay day with my face during the first couple of months of my pregnancy. I decided to look at what I could control - this was when I started to ask around if the foundation and powder I was using was the best option for me.


Once again, here I’d thought I was doing the right thing by using a certain brand, when it turns out the talc in this particular makeup was not doing my skin any favors. I’ve tried quite a few brands over the years, but I’d never tried Jane Iredale foundation, powder, or anything from the line at all. I was told Jane Iredale is a go to for problem skin from friends with sensitive skin, as well as various makeup artists. I went right to Got Beauty.

I’ve now been using Jane for a couple of weeks. While I think you truly need to commit to a couple of months to know for sure, I will say this: as of now I believe it’s a combination of the Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream, and being in my second trimester that’s currently helping my skin to look the best it ever has while not being on meds! Breakouts are minimal these days. Learning as much as you can about what you’re putting on your face, and having a little patience goes a long way!

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