The Lazy Girl's Guide To Barely There Makeup


'Barely there' makeup is all the rage these days, and we have to say, we're quite taken with the soft natural look. However, one does not simply achieve 'no makeup' makeup without the proper tools and technique. Lazy girls, we've got your back - all you need are a few essential items for your lazy girl kit and your mornings will be easy breezy from here on out.

First Things First...Primer and Moisturizer
There is really no reason why you shouldn't have these anyway, whether you're barely there or bright and bold. Dry skin is going to work against you in any scenario, so moisturizing first thing in the morning is a must. Primer is going to reduce any fine lines in case you decide to apply foundation, but can act as an extremely light coverage on its own.

Add Some Bronzer To Your Moisturizer
Want to add a little extra bronzey glow without all the hassle? Add a dollop or two to your moisturizer, and boom - you're a golden goddess. Be careful about applying sunscreen after, as it may smear off the bronzer.

Under Eye Concealer Is A Lazy Girl's Best Friend
Lazy girls everywhere swear by this tool alone. Whether you've overslept or you've got shadow under the eyes or they're a tad puffy from a fun night out, this little fella will brighten you up in an instant with one fell swoop.

Go For Contrast, Not Color
The barely there look is all about emphasizing what you've already got - this means brows, lashes, and your natural lip color. One of our favorite ways to work it is by adding a bit more color and depth to your eyebrows to really make them pop, as well as curling your lashes and adding a bit of mascara. Should you go for a tinted lip balm, go for a shade that's barely darker than your natural tone. This method is much easier than applying any bright color to your lids or lips.

In A Time Crunch... Use The Old Mascara and Lip Balm Combo
If there's one thing I know, it's to always have mascara and a decent tinted lip balm on hand at all times. When one doesn't have time for any of the other lazy girl tricks, it's super easy to get away with these two beauty cornerstones.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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